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There is a legal requirement that a UK registered vehicle is in the correct classification on the V5C log book. See the bottom of this page for the Department for Transport definition of "Motor Caravan" which is used for imports. A bed, which is an integral part of the living quarters which has a minimum length of 1800mm or 6 feet.
There must be a permanently fixed cooking facility within the vehicle powered by gas or electricity. If the vehicle has all of these minimum features present and permanently fixed and installed properly then you should be able to have it reclassified as a "Motor Caravan".
Before the record can be changed we would require photographic evidence of those changes and a description of the work carried out, together with receipts. The photographic evidence should be of the completed conversion, both inside and out,(with the registration plates visible) in such a way that the body type is better described as a 'motorhome' e.g. In order to save you some time here are some tips on providing the photographic evidence that the DVLA require.
Make sure that your vehicle is completely finished and that all of the required features detailed above are in place and visible.
Take a photograph from the front and rear with the registration plates clearly visible and if you have a rear opening door open it and show some of the interior. Take a photograph of each of the required features in situ (and in the usable position in the case of the bed and table). Print the photographs or have prints made and write on the back your registration number a description of what the photograph shows and the date.
What you are trying to do is to provide clear evidence that what you have made is permanently a "Motor Caravan" and that the furniture and fixings have been fitted to a satisfactory standard. Your covering letter should explain that you have completed the conversion of a van into a "Motor Caravan" and that you are now seeking to have your V5C amended. State the date that your conversion was completed, ideally this should be the date that is shown on the back of the photographs. This equipment shall be rigidly fixed to the living compartment; however, the table may be designed to be easily removable.

Site contents and design ©2013 Caravanwise Limited All rights reserved Caravanwise is a registered Trademark. A target of 9% has, therefore, been established as a realistic but challenging objective for 2014.
The information contained on this website is intended as practical guidance coupled with examples of auto fuel economy policies and approaches in use around the world. Inclusion of racial profiling characteristics, whether optional or not, is highly inappropriate because it enables more precise targeting of ethnic groups for vote suppression, and even targeted voting machine programming fraud. Citizens will need to apply pressure to get the racial profile information off the voter registration card forms, but even if they do, racial profiling is highly likely to have crept into the statewide voter registration database.
2) Whether there are any indications that voters have been targeted for purges, changes in polling location, or any other actions that correlate with racial profiling information in Tennessee's voter list. Over the past eight years we have documented a steady stream of problems with voters who somehow don't show up as registered. For example, in Volusia County, Florida a citizen had to fight like crazy to get a set of ballots counted -- officials were trying to reject them because a poll worker had not written the reason they were provisional on the envelope. This is a common mileage log used by many companies to track their vehicle trip or car operational expenses. This mileage log is actually the same with other mileage log you could find in several internet sites, because it is only record the mileage and calculate the total mileage of the car within some period of time. As you can see in the picture, all you have to do just fill the white color parts and leave the blue color parts to calculate the number for you.
If you are looking for an advanced version where it can be used to calculate and generate for more than 1 car in a single excel template, you might try and download a new version below. I have an IRS audit coming up this week, and would like to use this travel log form or template. If you have converted a van into a motor caravan then you must return the V5C for amendment once the conversion is complete.
This can be converted at night from seats used for other purposes during the day but must be permanently fixed within the body of the vehicle.
The table may be detachable but must have some permanent means of attachment to the vehicle.

Not only is it a legal requirement for your campervan to be in the correct classification once it is on the V5C as a "Motor Caravan" it may also (dependant on its unladen weight) benefit from higher speed limits than a van, lower MOT costs, lower road tax and cheaper insurance (in most cases) than a van. You need to provide the DVLA with sufficient clear evidence in order for them to simply change the V5C and send it back to you. Once you have completed a DIY campervan conversion you must immediately have the V5C log book amended.
It is not a complete collection of all national examples, nor does it track national and global progress on improving auto fuel economy.
In Florida, another state that has had racial profiling information on its voter registration cards, over 90,000 voters were purged from the rolls in 2000, and these purges were disproportionately Black citizens. And Pennsylvania, another swing state, allows its elections officials to add an impediment to giving out provisional ballots at all. I create this template as a basic tutorial template for my nephew who worked in General Affairs Department and wants to learn how to create template in excel that could be useful for him in his company. It can be used to record other information instead of just recording mileage distance for tax deduction only. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you don't provide sufficient clear evidence then they will want to inspect your van before approving it for a change in classification. Make sure that you change all of the parts between square brackets and add anything else that you think may be pertinent. It is a work in progress and is updated regularly.This website does not support IE 5 and below.
In US, it is usually used for calculating tax deduction where the mileage rate is the official rate publish by IRS.
You can record any daily activities of your car, for example, its expenses (service, toll, parking etc), you can monitor and assign drivers, you can monitor specific car when it has to go for a general service and many more.

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