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If you are interested in buying a car, it may be worthwhile to contact Absa and find out more information about Absa Car Finance and what it takes to qualify. If you would like to speak to a consultant and find out more about Absa Car Finance, call: 0860 669?669. If you like to do things your own way then welcome to a whole new world of unique with the all new Grand i10. With all the looks and features to meet your needs and the latest technology to enhance your driving experience; it is clear that this is a hatchback that offers you all the essentials. With its turbocharged, 1.6 litre T-GDi engine, which produces 150kW of power and 265Nm of torque, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo is a new generation of performance car that combines the dynamism of a hot hatch with the curves of a coupe.
Underpinned by a robust sporting character, it boasts premium vehicle attributes, affording you not only state-of-the-art technology but also best in class vehicle comfort and superior, world renowned safety features. The all-new 2016 Tucson goes beyond what you would expect in a SUV with an ingenious design that breaks away from convention.
Storm Edge, the concept behind the design of the vehicle, captures the powerful moment of nature in motion during the rise and fall of a storm. The new and versatile six-seater Hyundai H-1 Multi-cab has the answer when a regular car just is not big enough and a van just doesn't have enough space for extra passengers. Take a long look at the Hyundai H-100 and prepare to redefine your expectations from a light truck. While it is primarily a practical, hard-working load-carrier, those seated up-front will appreciate the high degree of comfort and convenience that feature in a beautifully appointed passenger cabin. The H-1 Multicab has the answer when a regular car just is not big enough and a van just doesn't have enough space for extra passengers.
Perfect for those breathtaking beautiful South African sunny days, the ix35 features a large glass roof to increase the feel of openness, light and air circulation inside the vehicle.
Once you've experienced the seamless clarity and ease of the fully integrated Bluetooth, you will never go back to any other hands-free devices again.

With six airbags, you can travel safely in the knowledge that you and your passengers are protected at all times in the ix35. HeadlampsSee clearly on the road no matter the weather conditions with the ix35's high-performance headlamps that contain high and low beams.
The side mirrors can be conveniently folded at the touch of a button - just the thing to get you out of a tight spot.
The rear combination lamps are another example of Hyundai's world-class manufacturing processes and cutting edge design at work. For optimum visibility while driving in misty and foggy weather, the new-style front fog lamps are neatly integrated into the bumper and are positioned low to the ground for maximum effectiveness.
Ensuring all four wheels remain on the road at all times, the ix35 comes with a premium wheelset of 17'' alloy.
Your surroundings are important and the most innovative environment is one that you respond to naturally. Blue LED light clusterThe blue LED light cluster makes reading the dashboard to get the information you need, simple and quick.
Climate Control (Executive and Elite Model)Staying cool in the ix35 is easy with the fully automatic air-conditoning system, which allows the driver to set one temperature level, and the front-seat passenger another.
The die-cast aluminium engine features variable valve timing and a variable induction system. Electric 4-wheel drive mechanismThinking of you on the road, the 4WD ECU distributes optimum driving force between the front and rear wheels by detecting road surface conditions and factors such as wheel speed and acceleration. ESC (Electronic stability control) Providing added stability and safety on the road, the impressive ESC (Electronic stability control) comes into its own when sudden braking or turning leads to a lack of control. ConvenienceSuited to your tasteMake the ix35 a reflection of your personality by customising the interior just the way you like it. Shape it the way you want itFinding the optimum, most comfortable seat setting is always tricky, but luckily with the ix35 you can configure a multitude of seat arrangements, easily. AccessoriesTailored for the individualAt Hyundai we understand that your car should reflect your individuality. The Thule Xpress 2 Bike Carrier has reflexes on the end caps for extra safety in traffic and folds flat for easy storage.
The Thule Pacific 100 roof box has a storage capacity of 330L and can be opened from both sides, for convenient fitting, loading and unloading. Get into any parking spot easily with Park Distance Control or Park Assist, which when the sensors are activated, will signal a warning tone indicating you to stop. The headlight protectors adds a unique styling to your vehicle and protects your headlights from bumps and scratches. In place to make the ix35 even more easily accessible, the double tube side steps are extremely tough and durable.
The Slim-line Window Visors protect your windows from bumps and scratches and also helps keep the sun out of your eyes while driving. With this type of finance, you have a choice between either a fixed or variable interest rate. You have the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease period, but with no obligation to do so.
New clean power coupled with a dynamic chassis design, delivers sparkling performance and a more precise ride.

Not only is it the quietest cabin in its class, but it also stylish outside and roomy inside. Tough and versatile enough to match almost every challenge, no matter how large or small your undertaking.
Sporty and powerful, yet refined and relaxed, its boldly defined lines and a commanding profile exude sophistication.
Along with the LED Type positioning lamps and the daytime running lamps on Elite and Executive models, the headlamps give the car a fresh design boost. The side mirrors incorporate LED side repeaters for improved visibility, further enhancing the mirror design.
Ergonomic, tactile and easy on the eye, the ix35's interior is a carefully structured space that mirrors your stylish sensibilities. The sporting influence is clear in this cylinder-type, highlighted by blue lights that give a high-tech look.
The R2.0l Diesel Elite comes with Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS), which allows you also to get sharp responses, accurate handling and fuel efficiency. ESC senses wheel speed, the manner in which the car is turning, the angle of the steering wheel and input from the pedals to actively control engine torque and distribute optimum brake force. Easily plug-and-play mobile music devices through the handy USB, AUX and iPod ports and set the monitor on crystal clear LED cluster to provide information such as distance to empty, average speed or average fuel consumption. The frame holder and wheel tray are designed to automatically position the bike correctly in place. There are no penalties for early settlement of the loan and you also have between 12 and 73 months to repay the loan.
Big on style and safety, the i10 is the perfect vehicle whether it's urban driving or a fun roadtrip.
He loves the fact that it is reliable, has a smooth drive and boasts enough space for his growing family. Carefully selected material along with innovative design and practical technology ensures that there’s something to cater for your unique tastes and needs. The securing of the bike can be done comfortably at car roof height and bikes can be loaded and offloaded easily with the quick-release wheel straps.
Its rubber-coated frame holders keep the bikes firmly in place while protecting the frames from scratches and marks. For safety and theft protection this roof box has several locking points and the grip-friendly key cannot be removed unless they are all securely closed.
The ix35 boasts a truly harmonious & instinctive driving experience, with more than enough room to fit in passengers and luggage with ease. From bicycle racks to transport your other set of wheels, to DVD systems for those long distance trips with the family -whatever your lifestyle needs - we’ve got you covered.

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