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Used auto loan averages: 9 percent, 36-month or insert your interest rate and choose your months. New auto loan averages: 8 percent, 60-month or insert your interest rate and choose your months. You can also advertise auto rentals, vans, trucks, 4x4s, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, heavy-t vehicles, extra heavy-t vehicles, auto parts and auto accessories.
Since the commencement of its operations Caribbean Finance Company Limited has grown steadily and now commands a prominent position among non-bank financial institutions, providing financing solutions to a wide cross section of the market, whilst retaining the valuable linkage to affiliated companies in the auto business.
The Managing Director, Brian Sheppard, a former Credit Supervisor of General Motors Acceptance Corporation U.K.

Over the years the Company has faced many challenges ranging from both local and global financial downturns and has emerged as a successful, robust player in the local financial arena. CFC's continued success is largely due to its dedicated staff, faithful depositors and loyal customers, who provide repeat business. The company has applied prudent lending practices and placed reliance on the capabilities of its staff and management information system, to overcome such challenges. An assembly plant was built to assemble vehicles from CKD (Completely knocked down) to fully assembled for retail sale.
Sydney Knox of Neal and Massy, business leaders at the time, realized the advantage of forming their own finance companies and Caribbean Finance Company Limited (CFC) and General Finance Corporation (GFC) began operating in 1970.

He remains guided by the example of the late Chairman, and is ably assisted by Sherrine Gordon, Chief Operations Officer, and the other members of the management team.
The system is continuously being enhanced to encapsulate managerial expertise to provide real time and effective decision making support.

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