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CNG is stored in four pressure tanks with a total volume of 130 litres, which according to Audi is able to store 21kg of CNG. The engine’s ECU is modified to support CNG operation, with new features and functions to support controlling the CNG injectors as well as facilitating a smooth changeover between CNG and petrol.
The direct injection feature of the engine allows the air-CNG mixture to be compressed up to a high 12:1 compression ratio, which allows the engine to extract much more power out of similiar amounts of CNG compared to what non-direct injection CNG engines can do, which have to run at lower compression to prevent engine knocking when petrol is being used as fuel. After dabbling for years in the IT industry, Paul Tan initially began this site as a general blog covering various topics of personal interest. It’s just matter whether G is willing to pay that risk of sacrifices on Protons or Perodua. Unless there’s a massive change in these two local company heading into NGV, then we will be having this benifit. With four CNG tanks and 130 litres, it is most likely the tanks are hidden beneath the floor of the vehicle, means its four thin and long one rather then a one big and fat one that clog up ur boot space.
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View all our exterior pictures of the 2012 Toyota RAV4 as well as interior photos, interactive virtual tours and colors. View all our exterior pictures of the 2007 Nissan Versa as well as interior photos, interactive virtual tours and colors. View all our exterior pictures of the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta as well as interior photos, interactive virtual tours and colors. The coating of the catalytic converter is modified to take into account the different exhaust gas composition.
With an increasing number of readers paying rapt attention to the motoring stories, one thing led to another and the rest, as they say, is history. It’s already a turbocharged gas-powered engine, but able to make transition with petrol.
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This 2.0 litre engine can produce the same power figures running on both petrol and natural gas.

The conventional petrol tank has been reduced to a mere 14 litres, which Audi says is good for 180km.
An avid electronic gadget aficionado as well as big-time coffee lover, he's also the executive producer of the Driven motoring TV programme.
But imagine if G really go on to the NGV segment on private cars and not only commersial vehicle, there will be alot more of NGV station than a petrol ones. If you wish to have a profile photo next to your name, register at Gravatar using the same e-mail address you use to comment.

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