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When you bring goods into Fiji you may need to pay Customs duty and other charges on your arrival.
When taking goods out of Fiji, your goods may incur a fee if they require Customs inspection. Find out more about what you may need to pay, the concessions that might apply, how to work out the charges, our methods of payment, and the exchange rates Customs uses.
Detailed information on duty rates and other applicable fees that make up your Custom charges.
For all importers, here are the tariff classifications, duty rates and allowable concessions from the 2012 Fiji Harmonized Customs Schedule.
Fiji importers and exporters require their own unique identification numbers for shipments. New ved road tax: buy 2017 uk car tax, The 2017 ved road tax rules , significant road tax bands. 2015 ????? ????? ????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ???????? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ???????? ????? ???? ???? ??? ????? 20-25 ??? ???????????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ????? 25-65 ??? ???????????? ????? ??.

Genuine Spicer heavy duty u-joints are engineered to ensure peak performance in the truck that you count on for your livelihood.
No other universal joints are better equipped to meet the needs of today’s high efficiency trucks.
Our latest generation Spicer Life Series u-joints include a new bearing design with 40% more capacity than our previous versions. In these heavy duty universal joints, journal crosses are cold-formed from high-quality steel that is heat treated for maximum strength.
Not only are Spicer U-joints stronger than other aftermarket auto parts manufacturers--they are consistently stronger.
SPL 170 and SPL 250 universal joints are also available in service-free* options, which are lubricated for the life of the part. Service-free* options are ideal for heavy-haul applications and are capable of meeting the requirements of future fast axle ratios. We are able to offer extremely competitive shipping rates to Mombasa from Antwerp in Belgium.

Genuine Spicer Life Series u-joints are designed to withstand the increased stress that high efficiency truck configurations place on the driveline, and are equipped with High Power Density™ (HPD™) features that extend product life and outperform the competition.
Our multi-lip seals are constructed with Viton® material for maximum resistance to a wide range of conditions found in the truck environment. The bearing cups are extruded, carburized and case hardened to a uniform depth for strength and durability.
Spicer 10 Series U-joints outperform all others in competitive testing – particularly when it comes to strength. Permanently lubricated u-joints help keep your overall operation costs low while still offering the durability and dependability you expect from Spicer. All attachment points are precision formed to insure precise lock-up tolerances and yoke ear fit.

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