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This comprehensive guide provides some of the background mechanics and physics of what keeps a car on the road and how to avoid collisions with other road users especially when driving in wet weather. After the family home, buying a new car for most Australian families is probably the most expensive single purchase that they will ever make. There are many factors that influence automotive fuel efficiency and determine how many kilometres can be travelled on a given quantity of fuel. Matching the maximum towing capacity of your caravan or trailer to your vehicle is the most important consideration when buying a new caravan, trailer or vehicle. Tips on what to look for in a Crossover vehicle and how to get the most out of your weekend driving adventures. Diesel cars justifiably have a great reputation for excellent fuel economy and low impact on the environment.
Tyres are arguably the most important piece of car safety and performance equipment on a motor vehicle. One of the most important considerations when designing a good sports car engine is the power to weight ratio. Car security is only one of many considerations when looking to buy a new car, although arguably one of the most important. What is the advantage of an All-Wheel Drive car (AWD) compared to one that only has Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD)?
What is the difference between an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) car and a Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) car? A true AWD car has far more safety benefits in the city than a Part Time AWD or 4WD vehicle. Why would some people replace a purpose-designed windscreen with a generic type when it would lead to lack of performance?
Stephen Mark Saleen, the legend behind almost every tuned Mustang and other Ford products in the last 25 years is back in business.
Their first product being a tuned Mustang, everybody thought the new tuning company will continue to tinker with just about every US Ford product.

Each will benefit from performance oriented suspension, better brakes and aerodynamic packages. Production of the two models will start this month, followed in Spring by a regular addition to the Saleen stable, a Mustang which will be called SMS 460. Even though so far the new company has only around 30 employees, Saleen expects that number to rise close to 100 by the time the SMS Mustang will have to start being manufactured. The Peugeot 3008 Crossover is a direct challenger for the Nissan Qashqai and Skoda Yeti, in the Urban SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) Sector, or family cars that bring the benefits of an MPV without the ‘family’ tag is how we best describe them. The 3008 is a very well designed car with excellent storage, at the rear you can drop the rear sets  at the pull of a cord and the drop down tailgate makes it easier to place items into the boot, it can also double as a seat, perfect for a picnic on a sunny day.
The Mercedes CLA is a four-door coupe and 5 door estate (shooting brake) version of the A-Class hatchback. The quoted RDP is an estimate based on the postcode selected by you, and is not applicable to business or government buyers. Price may vary between retailers and is based on a private purchaser with a good driving record and may be higher for other purchasers. Here you will find useful tips and information on all things automotive, including car safety, features, security, maintenance and simply getting the most out of your Subaru. Careful consideration of which car best meets your needs and provides for the highest level of ownership satisfaction throughout it’s life cycle is therefore particularly important. Subaru recommends the use of OEM parts as replacements to ensure the integrity of the vehicle remains consistent with our manufacturing standards.
Fortunately, that number is slowly declining, thanks in part to improved safety features in new cars in Australia. Because a sports engine is all about rapid acceleration and responsive throttle performance, the power to weight ratio is a key factor. After quitting from the helm of the company he founded and ran for over two decades, Saleen announced the formation of the SMS Limited Lifestyle Performance Automobiles company, with the SMS coming from his own initials.
Contrary to almost everyone's opinion, the first model to sport the new SMS logo will be a Dodge Challenger.

All of this to keep the power going to the road because, we forgot to mention this, the SMS 570 has 500 hp and the 570 X no less than 700 hp. The Stang will feature an SMS patented Red Butterfly Induction hood hugging a supercharged 4.6 liter V8 engine. The best part from all these news is the fact that every SMS vehicle can be ordered through either of the Dodge, Ford or Chevrolet dealerships in the USA. As for the power, it will reach the 1,500 bhp figure by increasing the quad-turbo W16 engine’s capacity. The reality is that we are not under time pressure because we are confident of selling out the full Veyron production run regardless.
The boot also has a shelf that can be used in 3 positions to maximise storage or hide things as a secret compartment. The new EAT automatic is a huge improvement on the outgoing single clutch semi automatic and is highly recommended.
Final on road costs may vary according to individual circumstances and actual driveaway price may vary between Retailers. Based on the regular production vehicle from Chrysler LLC, the SMS 570 Challenger and SMS 570X Challenger will be stand-alone models.
Later in 2009, Steve anticipates even adding an modified Camaro to the SMS line-up, thus having three tuned vehicles from three different companies. It would be expensive and time-consuming, so we must be sure it is worth it,” a Bugatti source told Autocar.

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