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Heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States and Wisconsin far exceeding tornadoes, severe storms and floods combined. In 1995, two major killer heat waves affected most of Wisconsin, resulting in 154 heat-related deaths and over 300 heat-related illnesses. In the summer of 2011, Wisconsin lost five people to heat-related illnesses during the July 18-22 heat wave. In 2012, Wisconsin had confirmed 27 heat related deaths, most occurred during five days of Excessive Heat Warnings from July 2-6. Keep your living space cool or seek shelter at cooling center: If you have an air conditioner, use it. Heat Exhaustion - heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, fainting.
Heat Stroke - extremely high body temperature, red, hot, dry skin, rapid pulse, throbbing headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion, unconsciousness.
On the outside, the VGT MT settles for reflector headlamps without DRLs, plainer-looking side steps and no window visors.

Apart from the two variants pictured above, there will also be VGT AT and two non-VGT workhorse variants: 4X4 MT and Quest 4X2 MT. The new Mitsubishi Triton is now open for booking, with estimated introductory prices of RM71k-114k, OTR with insurance and GST.
That's why Wisconsin Emergency Management and the National Weather Service are reminding people of the dangers associated with extreme heat and to promote safety measures. Summer heat waves have been the biggest weather-related killers in Wisconsin for the past 50 years, far exceeding tornadoes and severe storms. A 60 year old man in Fountain Prairie died while helping a family member with outdoor housework. Fully-imported (CBU) from Thailand, the new Triton is powered by a 2.5 litre VGT engine that develops 178 PS and 400 Nm from 2,000 to 3,500 rpm. It gets HID projector headlamps with LED DRLs, 17-inch alloys, shift paddles, leather seats, auto dual-zone air-con and a 6.1-inch touch-screen with reverse camera. Also an 82 year old woman in Prairie du Chien, a 80 year old man in Marquette County and an 87 year old Reedsburg woman lost their lives in the heat.

On an 80-degree day, the temperature inside a car even with the windows cracked slightly can reach 100 degrees in less than 10 minutes! Failure of temperature- regulating mechanism of the body due to prolonged exposure to high temperature. May develop slowly after exposure to heat for several days and inadequate or unbalanced replacement of fluids and electrolytes.
The Reedsburg victim was found dead in her trailer which apparently did not have air conditioning.
None of the victims had air conditioning and did not seek shelter at one of the many cooling centers which opened around the state.
She did not have air conditioning in her home and she also had an underlying health condition.

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