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March 25, 2011 By JKadmin 1 Comment Recently a customer asked me some questions about CV Joints. CV Axles distribute the power from the engine and transmission to drive the wheels of the car. If you live or work in the Summerville, SC area, bring your car in for an oil change and we’ll inspect your CV system to see if we notice any wear on your vehicle.

Summerville Volkswagen VW RepairA lot of independent repair shops don’t understand “German Engineering” and either won’t work on them, or they don’t fix them properly. Classic Car Repair in SummervilleRebuilding or repairing a classic car takes time and patience. To ensure the most competitive price, including manufacturer and dealer rebates, trade-in and financing programs, please contact us.

This price excludes destination delivery fees, $395 documentation fee, and government taxes.

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