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Seeking a loan need not necessarily be a cumbersome process, especially when you are regular in your payments and have a particular financial standing. Your savings here is in the form of lower time spent and is slightly difficult to quantify as it will be different for various people. This means less strain on your pocket, and you save a significant amount in case it is a premium car. Banks offer another facility in the form of waiving the condition of submitting an income proof. Its first disadvantage would be that the loan offered would be a lower one (only for 60 per cent of the value of the car as against 80 per cent in normal cases) as the bank would like to keep their risk low.
However, this is useful in ensuring that the car loan is available from a reputed bank offering a favourable rate of interest.

Your bank can finance you a larger amount of loan (for example, you will get 95 per cent of the car value as a loan instead of the normal 80 per cent). The reason is that the bank will consider your fixed deposit as a security against the loan given.
Many people would like to utilise this facility, but they should be aware that this offer has various conditions attached to it.
At the same time, the loan would also be for a shorter time duration (only for up to 3 years against 7 years for a normal loan). Every bank will not offer all of the benefits, so one has to check the exact benefits available. In most cases, such benefits are stipulated to high net worth credit card holders of leading banks.

Also, this facility would be available only for a specific category of people who have the necessary confidence of the bank. For this reason, you have to see whether the bank allows for several conditions under which the approval is quicker. Some of the benefits are difficult to quantify and will be different for different situation but will end up as a few thousand rupees.
An account with the bank and a good past repayment history are the two common conditions that expedite loan approval.

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