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Doug thorley headers, For over 50 years, doug thorley headers has been an innovator in the automotive aftermarket. Flowmaster® 817725 - american thunder™ stainless steel, American thunder™ stainless steel dual cat-back exhaust system with tips - part number 817725 by flowmaster.
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In 2015, the Thunder Series will open with the very popular Grandview Thunder 5-25’s, a features only  program that will showcase the 358 Modifieds, Sportsman, ARDC Midgets, TSRS 305 Sprints & Legends on Sunday night, May 24.

Always a popular event is the Pennsylvania Sprint Speed Week Series when the 410 Sprints and the  Modifieds team up on Tuesday night, June 30. The 410 Sprints will return in the THUNDER CUP   joined by the 358 Modifieds on Tuesday night, July 28. Who Are We?Latino Dek is a entertainment portal for Michigan Latinos based in Grand Rapids Michigan. Staged on purpose-built concrete courses, all the action that these monsters are famous for is fully intact, and even heightened by the smaller size of the tracks.

Please support the artists that you love by going to shows, buying CD’s, copping a T-Shirt or buying them a a drink. Expect to see outrageous jumps, crushed cars, plenty of concrete-streaking action, and some of the most incredible donuts ever.

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