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Mazda Motor Corporation has just presented what the Japanese have named of SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS , a new generation of high-tech systems.
Skoda In recent months there had been some denominations in the United States we were thinking about a possible interest in start business in this country.
Community & Southern Bank ran this teaser billboard near its branches in the Atlanta area. Citibank created this large, complex, fully-functional crossword puzzle that doubles as a QR code, inserting the unusual ad in a major magazine in the Indian market.
The ad agency’s case study is shown left, with the actual ad that ran in magazines shown right. Town & Country Credit Union parked this antique toy car in its parking lot to promote a United Way charity auction (attendees could bid on the car, among other things).

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If readers needed help with the puzzle, they could scan the QR code with their smartphone to get the solutions. By organizing this event, Commonwealth managed to get themselves on the front page of every paper, on the homepage of every new website, and on every news broadcast in Australia. But with just some simple editing, this disclosure could be shortened by at least 50-100 words. For financial marketers who are perpetually forced to work with dry financial data, it serves as a reminder that there are indeed new and creative ways to present information.
Leverage these insights to establish benchmarks and improve your digital advertising program.
According to conventional advertising wisdom, 80% of the audience only reads an ad’s headline.
While this is an insurance promotion, financial marketers should not ignore the design lesson here: You should always do something unique, unusual and creative with your direct mail. This isn’t the first time a financial marketer has affixed their gaze on human cleavage.
There’s all sorts of ways for financial marketers to bake yummy ideas like this into their campaigns.

A young male banker wearing a suit serving margaritas to a young female customer clad in a bathing suit while she lounges in the pool? If that’s true, then Co-Op Financial Services has flushed fourth-fifths of its investment down the toilet (never mind that magazines are a dying medium). US Senate FCU found itself in hot water after promoting loans for boob jobs in a mailer that left little to the imagination.
All they had to do was invite a bunch of Aussies to a barbie, then give them beer and jerseys. Anything you can do to increase reader engagement and the time they spend interacting with a piece, you will see response rates climb. It’s narcissistic, and conveys nothing about the organization, nor financial services, nor the benefits of choosing Worthington. While the credit union industry desperately needs some sort of broad awareness campaign, this isn’t it.

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