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What would you say if we told you that you could get a late model car for an effective payment of as little as $99 a month, with no money down and in many cases even get money back.
You find someone (we’ll tell you how in a moment) that wants or needs to get out of their new-car lease. It’s better if they can find someone to simply take over the lease and avoid an expensive early termination altogether. Many of these leases were taken out months ago when special car leasing deals were plentiful and payments were low. For someone to take over such a lease means getting an almost-new car for a bargain low monthly payment, with no down payment and no trade-in required. The person taking over the lease for the remaining months would be getting the advantage of the down payment and trade-in that has already been made.

Many people looking for someone to take over their lease will even offer a cash bonus to sweeten the deal.   This reduces the effective monthly payment even further. If you decide to take advanage of this great opportunity, make sure the remaining mileage on the lease is enough to cover your driving needs in the remaining months of the lease. In most cases these will be people who leased a car a year or so ago and have now found that they can no longer make the payments due to illness, job loss, divorce, or other personal circumstances.
The customer might have made a substantial cash down payment or traded in a car having considerable value — which further reduced their monthly payment.
Buyers have the opportunity to take over leases, mortgage payments or credit card payments with ease.

We also help home buyers that are struggling to pay their mortgages or are looking to get rid of their mortgage payment for other reasons. Most of the leases had three-year (36 month) terms and mileage allowances of either 10,000 miles or 12,000 miles per year. This is one of the easiest and best ways to get into a late model car at the smallest possible cost.

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