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For those unfamiliar, Melinda is Experian’s senior director of automotive finance and she’s never, ever worried. As we've gone out of our way to document, underwriting standards for car loans are getting looser as lenders scramble to feed Wall Street's securitization machine and keep America's auto sales "miracle" alive.
Indeed Experian itself will tell you that the market is getting more extended all the time, with average payments rising right alongside loan terms.
And while Citi isn't ready to ring the alarm bells just yet (see here), Wells Fargo apparently is. McElravey goes on to suggest that because delinquencies seem to be rising in areas that are hard hit by the slump in crude, we could be on the precipice of a rather precipitous increase in defaults. If you watch the news, you might have noticed that subprime auto loans are being mentioned more and more often in the news.
That said, there are one or two similarities between what’s happening with the auto loan market and what happened with the housing market.
The simplest difference is really the most obvious; cars and houses are two entirely different things paid for in entirely different ways.
And once you start digging more deeply into the data, other points of comparison become clear. Finally, the most important piece of data is the fact that the subprime auto loan market has stayed at the same total percentage consistently, even through the housing crash and the tough economy that followed. The new subprime is in auto loans: One third of all new auto loans are of the subprime variety. Essentially a core group of borrowers on new auto loans is coming from the subprime variety.
Let’s just hope for the sake of those who took out these sub-prime loans in order to have a car to get to a job, that they were able to save enough from that job to purchase a used car outright before the repo guy shows up!
With all these bubbles in play, I’m reminded of the old Laurence Welk show where champagne bubbles abounded. Quite ironic to see so many more bums begging on major roadways while everyone else is listening to their favorite tune behind the wheel of their new car. The day of reckoning for global total debt – total credit market debt up from $28 trillion in 2001 to $53 trillion in 2012. The compression of generations – 25 million adults live at home with parents because they’re unemployed or underemployed.

What we do as a website is focus on the things that make it easier for you to be approved for a any credit auto loan in Atlanta. We have the largest dealer network in Atlanta and to make that available to you signing up is the simplest way.
I filled out the application and within 15 minutes I got a phone call from a local dealership. I have been searching for an auto loan but couldn’t seem to get approved for the auto financing I needed. Specializing In Bad Credit Auto LoansWe specialize in auto loans for people with bad credit.
Need Help With An Auto Loan?Good credit, bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, repossession, divorce, child support, self-employed, Tax Liens, Disability, Retired, Social Sec. After all, the consequences for Main Street of the prolonged downturn in crude and other commodities are just beginning to show (see here). By the way, the ABS conference did NOT take place at Caesar’s Palace that year as per the film, it was at The Venetian. And there’s not a little concern that the subprime auto market will be much like the subprime housing market. For example, some auto loans are, indeed, being packaged and sold in a similar way to housing debt as securities, although not nearly to the degree and amount that housing loans were sold before the crisis. Nobody is going to be taking out a thirty-year loan on a car; no bank would offer such a thing. What is telling here is that much of this debt growth has occurred under the umbrella of recovery. Of course some pundits would like to point out that this is a “small” portion of the total auto loan market. We have been helping consumers secure auto financing online for years and we have set ourselves apart by not only getting you approved, but by obtaining the largest loan amounts at the lowest interest rates available nationwide! As are the effects of the slowdown in global growth and trade (see the recent layoffs at Daimler in North Carolina). Furthermore, cars cost far, far less than your average house, so borrowers and lenders both are far less exposed to financial risk than they would normally be. No one’s flipping cars, and that lack of speculation helps to keep the market secure.

If things are going so well, then why are so many loans being made to those with bad credit? It takes under 3 minutes to be approved and know your options for a new or used car in Atlanta.
I have less than perfect credit but they still made it possible for me to get auto financing for my car. But there are some points that we should be aware of before we start worrying about another subprime crisis, the simplest of which is that buying and selling cars and houses are two entirely different things. Bad credit at least by the measurement tool we use, typically reflects an inability to meet payments or manage money.
Yet here we are, expanding more debt to those to lease or purchase cars beyond their means. But don’t think the typical American with a job making roughly $26,000 per year is in good shape either. At least with a home, you had the chance to build some sort of equity but a car loses value the instant you step into the driver’s seat. The economy for most Americans is struggling so it should be no surprise that the new growth market is subprime auto debt.
Now, most can’t afford a home so at least you’ll get a car, even if you can’t afford a car as well. What do you expect when you are pumping out subprime debt trying to churn more sales on marginal buyers?
Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck so taking on another debt payment isn’t necessarily a wise move. The latest data shows that a stunning one third of new auto loans are in the form of subprime debt. Also, it should tell you about the underlying health of the economy when a large portion of your borrowers have marginal credit.

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