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According to some quick googling, the average student finishes school with $28,000 in student loan debt. If you haven’t already, you should set up your student loans as a bill that can be paid from your chequing account.
So, it turns out that just having my student loans paid off at my age makes me above average. It’s pretty interesting to compare where you are, but everyone is on their own journey with their own mistakes and triumphs in their past.
I’ve never bothered to calculate our net worth, because our goal was always paying off debt.
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Instead of spending that money on stuff, you should totally do the cool thing and use it to pay down debt.

Congrats, you’re on your way to being above average when it comes to student loan debt. I knew this was true on a vague level, but looking at the numbers above really brings it home for me. Although my debt isn’t student loans from the government, it did incur from being in school.
Like if a person has a $400,000 mortgage, they are definitely more at risk than you, even if they have $200,000 in equity and look the same as you on paper.
It’s great to see the top earners and look at how they got there, and cheer those in debt when they reach milestones. Unfortunately being better than average isn’t really a good thing in this case-I had 30K in student loan debt. When things like this net worth list on Rockstar Finance get posted, I start to feel really behind everyone (look for me at the very bottom). Finally, it takes this typical student an average of 7.4 years to pay off their student loan debt. Then, whenever you have an extra few bucks lying around in your chequing account, instead of spending it on clothes or drinks or something else consumable, put it on your debt! I’m doing just fine finance wise, and I need to stop comparing myself to people who have $200k net worths.

It was so skewed to the ballin’ net worths that anyone coming across it would feel so behind. I actually really like having that list because it’s cool to see all of the net worths in one place.
I haven’t really started putting up my net worth updates yet, but maybe I will start doing it to provide some way of tracking my progress. A few clicks of your mouse and it’s done, and you are a little closer to being debt free. I agree with the net worth thing, I think that there area ton of bloggers out there with negative net worths that should also be added to the list.
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