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SallieMae and Great Lakes Student Loan 1 are both highlighted because those are the debts that I focused on during the month of October.
At my current repayment rate, I will pay $4,766.25 to completely pay off my Great Lakes Student Loan 1. Dollar amounts and month totals displayed in these graphs were calculated using the Financial Calculator that can be found on our Resources Page.
Roadblocks: I did not face any significant roadblocks this month, but my I want to share a couple of instances in which I could have paid (figuratively and literally) if I had not been purposeful with my money and spending over the past several months. First up: I did travel across the country for a wedding, but because I had already slowly saved up for a “travel  fund” that should pay my airline fees through the holidays, the cost of travel did not have any impact on my debt snowball! Secondly: I received a letter from Great Lakes stating that my two largest minimum loan payments will be increased starting in December, per the graduated payment plan system.
October Dollar Hollaaaaas: My money holla for the month of October is not due to hard work but dumb luck. We are two co-workers turned best friends, who after countless gab sessions during late-night walks realized we share a big, fat desire to ditch our student loan debt while living lives full of fun, friends, and adventure. Feel free to use information or pictures found on this site, so long as they are credited and accompanied by a link back to Fun on a Budget. We started off the month of July still working to pay off the student loan interest we had transferred to a credit card that gave us a promotional interest of 0% for 12 months. Though the amount we were able to pay off this month was less than other months, however, it’s over 2x’s more than we what we were able to throw out our debt last July ($1203.00). We had a budget meeting over breakfast this morning, and we’re locked, loaded, and ready to tackle August with a budget we plan to stick with.

Affiliate Registration FormFirst Name Last Name Username Email PayPal Email Address Password Website By signing up, you indicate that you have read and agree to the Affiliate Terms and Conditions. In the “Current Debt” column, my totals as of October 1, 2013 have been crossed out and replaced with my debt totals as of October 31, 2013.
I paid off SallieMae on the 17th, and then immediately started to put all my extra money towards Great Lakes 1. If I continued to ignorantly make the minimum payments, I would be paying for 131 more months—that is almost 11 years!!! If I continued to ignorantly make minimum payments until all my debt was paid off in full, it would cost me $6,550.00—that is $1,835.32 extra!! Initially, I panicked—thinking about how it might negatively impact the great snowball I’ve got going on, but then I did the math. I get paid every two weeks, and this month my paydays were spaced out so that I got paid three times in October instead of my usual two.
It is written with the intent to be an entertaining, informative, and inspiring piece for its audience. If this is your first time happening upon our Broke on Purpose journey, you can check out why we decided to do a balance transfer by reading this post. While I was a bit discouraged that we didn’t hit our usual average of $3000 it was motivating to see how far we’d come from the payment we made this same time last year. With only a little over $10,000 left to pay on this student loan interest, our goal is to get it knocked out before the start of November.
If I continue to pay Great Lakes Student Loan 1 at the rate that I paid in October, I will have this loan paid off 3 months.

My minimum payment on the SallieMae loan that I just COMPLETELY PAID OFF was $54.24, and the total increase for both of my larger Great Lakes loans was less than that amount!!
This increased the amount of money I could put towards debt by about 1.5 times my typical amount. The authors are not licensed financial professionals, and their statements and the content of this blog should not be considered as sufficient legal or financial advice. Through all the happy moments this month kept us pretty busy, as I’m in the middle of writing my dissertation and completing experiments so that I can graduate and Marcus has been super busy with work.
That means that I am saving myself 128 months of minimum payments and $1,835.32 extra in interest!!! We’ve still been working our Broke on Purpose plan and all your comments on our Facebook and Instagram pages keep us motivated and focused on making it to the finished line. We bought a new very much needed vacuum that ran $86 and had a surprise dental bill for $135. We also may or may not have gone over on our dining out budget which is something we sometimes do and trust me we’re working on it!

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