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Nothing is worse than enjoying your public holidays to then pull up to your favourite eatery and find it closed and fair enough to everyone deserves a break. A recent impact survey of Fringe World 2013 found that it pumped $27.7 million into Perth’s economy, stimulated more visits to the City Centre and increased the participation in arts and cultural events. Two venues in the town will be operating in conjunction with Fringe World which is Melody Smith Gallery in Carlisle and the Hayman Theatre which is at Curtin University. The first thing we need to tackle though is more venues as we are chockers with eateries and commercial spaces seem fairly rare around town. Either way Fringe Festival is great no matter where it is but it feels like Victoria Park could benefit from the high quality reputation of Fringe. Your Last Chance to Own A Rare Iconic, Tallest 75-storey Residential Apartment that will become the new Landmark of Melbourne. FREEHOLD Iconic 75-storey Luxury Condo in Melbourne CBD offering Unparalleled Views & Opportunities! The Golden Age Development Group is a privately owned property development company based in Melbourne.

We thought we would take the pain out of the issue and did a bit of ringing around for you. Each year Fringe gets bigger and it feels like more street festivals, night markets and other cultural and arts based activities. In 2014 the Fringe crew have expanded their reach and are setting up satellite hubs in the suburbs including Mt Lawley, Fremantle, Maylands and Midland. Considering the economic benefits that Fringe can have on a town then maybe is it something the Town of Victoria Park and the Vic Park Collective should start looking into? It could be time to use more unconventional venues to highlight the charm of the area by making use of our laneway entries, our parks or even looking at fixing up Edward Millen Home. If you manage to make it up to Fringe then have a little brainstorm about how it could work for our town. All apartments include a combination of timber flooring, carpet, tiles, and elements of reconstituted stone and two-pac joinery. With a focus on developing premium residential projects within inner city Melbourne, the group is committed to designing and developing signature, high-end quality developments.

Detailed individual Floor Plans, Payment Schedules, Early Bird Discounts, Project News & Updates are available upon request.
Contact our Singapore Sales Office at +65 6100 6540 or contact us by filling up the form below. They usually wear them toRead More   Natural Hair Care TipsTaking care of hair is too necessary for all hair types. Unfortunately no hub will be set up in the Town of Victoria Park, at least this time round. With years of experience in Asia, Golden Age combines knowledge and expertise within their team of talented architects and interior designers. Past projects include the Five Star Sheraton Hotel and Jade Apartment, the winner of the 2011 RAIA State and National Award for multi-residential projects.

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