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Mortgage Loan Calculator is an intuitive software dedicated to helping you calculate the monthly mortgage rate, depreciation charges and other types of loans. The software features several functions, including a rate calculator, a mortgage service finder and a favorites page.
Additionally, the favorites tab allows you to store records of contracted mortgages, settled payment plans or rates configurations. Mortgage Loan Calculator is simple to use and features a modern looking interface that resembles the Windows 8.1 apps. This is an Employee Time Sheet Manager for Excel which should be useful for any  Human Resources, Project Managers or Small Business Owners to record, manage and monitor their employee’s presence in their company that apply a time duration as a reference to calculate their wages. This tool is created using Microsoft Excel to ease any people to use this software directly in their computer or laptop without a new installation or additional software, except Microsoft Excel itself. This feature will ease you calculating each employee working time by entering their start and end working time. In Individual Employee report, you will have features which will allow you to print and evaluate employee’s working hour based on your selected preferences. AboutxlmasterWe are bunch of people love to learn and create useful and easy to use Excel Templates for daily activities.

The software features a modern looking interface, similar to a Windows Store app, with sliding menus. The software can help you calculate the rates of reimbursement for the loan or mortgage that you contract for the house or other type of property. The payment plan includes the home price, downpayment, rate, term, taxes, insurance and monthly amortization. You can identify creditor institutions, calculate the value of the loans based on the property worth and view the entire repayment plan.
Send me an email, and I will see the possibility to custom the software based on your requests. There is features in this spreadsheet that will allow you to custom your working days and holidays where it will help you differentiate the working and non working days. The software might crash when you try to open it for the first time, an error which might occur if you do not have administrator privileges. As part of Microsoft Office suite, you can also easily summarize any information or move the report among other office suite program, for example copy and paste the record into Microsoft Power Point or Microsoft Word for reporting purposes.
If you are creating timesheet per employee and calculating their working time manually, this tool should cut your job processing time.

The monthly rate includes the interest, property tax and insurance, aside from the main sum. If you are not satisfied with whatever reasons, just drop me an email, and I will send your money back. Start using the lite version to evaluate this spreadsheet where you can objectively assess how this tool can ease your tasks.
This tool is a very good alternative tool to other stand-alone software which is offered in more expensive price with limited function. This version is worked with Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 and it is created without macro which reduce incompatibility issues between Microsoft Windows and Office version. It is worked also under Microsoft Excel 2011 and Mac environment, but you’d better test it first to make sure it is working well.

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