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Fixed term with Dealership allows you to pay off loan quicker, trade earlier and save money. Victory Ford Lincoln Sales takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. You're now logged in as and will receive alerts when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. Please provide your email address to begin receiving price alerts at home, at work, on your phone! June 18, 2015 By GuyanaTimes Scotiabank Guyana launched an exciting new auto loan promotion geared at rewarding new auto loan customers on Wednesday at the bank’s Carmichael Street, Georgetown branch. The promotion, called “Jump in and Drive” runs from June 15 to September 4, and is aimed at providing the bank’s customer with an affordable way to own their own motor vehicle. Raymond Smith, the Country Manager to Scotiabank Guyana, stated that the core purpose of this promotion is to make customers financially better off, and he feels that this programme will do exactly that, as they are working with their auto dealer customers to increase their sales and therefore make them financially better, and provide the customers who would wish to purchase such vehicles, with affordable financing to acquire vehicles that will assist them with transportation. The new loan customers will benefit in ways such as special interest rates with low monthly payments, up to 100 per cent financing for qualified customers, no installments for the first month, repayment between four and six years and much more.
Participating auto dealers includes Best Buy Auto Sales, Carsmart Auto Sales, Vision Auto Sales, Platinum Auto Sales, Rose Ramdehol Auto Sales, Tony’s Auto Sales, and many others located in the Demerara.
TORONTO -- Moody's has downgraded its ratings for the Bank of Nova Scotia (TSX:BNS) by one notch, noting Scotiabank's increased reliance on generating profits from credit card and auto loans.
The credit-rating agency says the bank's shift away from mortgage loans to higher-yielding categories of consumer credit will likely persist.
Ratings by Moody's and other agencies are among the factors used to determine what interest rates Scotiabank will need to offer when it sells bonds or other debt securities. Moody's said it previously assigned higher ratings for Bank of Nova Scotia and its subsidiaries because of the bank's low tolerance for risk.
The agency's ratings for Scotiabank's long-term debt and deposits has been reduced to Aa3 from Aa2 and a variety of other ratings have been adjusted similarly. Calculate your loan details and determine the payment options that best suit your financial needs. Get the 100% principal protection of a GIC, with the return potential of equity investments. Whether you’re looking for a mortgage, loan, line of credit or support from a Home Financing Advisor, you can get the funds and advice you need to achieve the goals you want. Use the quick and handy Scotiabank Personal Loan Calculator to estimate your interest and principal payments.

In the event of a Canada Post service disruption, Scotiabank has many options to track your finances and access banking services. StartRight Syrian Immigration Program Get settled in Canada with a financial program created for you. Press ReleaseScotiabank and the Overwaitea Food Group join forces to offer Canadians “More Rewards”. Deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Swagbucks have been around for a few years now. Get exclusive offers and discounts, personal finance tips from our bloggers and news you can use to save money. As home prices continue to soar across Canada, Manitoba remains a small island of affordability.
In Alberta, like the rest of Canada, you must have insurance before taking your vehicle on the road. When I went on my first trip I was baffled by the idea that I had to spend even more money.
Refinancing a property is usually an expensive proposition that entails costly appraisals as well as fees that can add up to thousands of dollars, which often hold home owners back from reworking their loans to take advantage of dropping interest rates.
With that in mind, Scotiabank recently launched the “Switch your Mortgage” program, offering property owners the chance to change the terms of their Federal Housing Administration-backed loan sans the burden of having to pay closing costs, which Scotiabank will cover up to $10,000. Carlos Mantaras, vice president of sales at Scotia Mortgage, explained that the program is designed for people looking to improve their economic situation by refinancing a property that is lacking equity to cover the associated expenses.
Through the program, customers with existing FHA loans can apply for a new FHA loan with a lower interest rate, 4.5 percent, through what is known as a streamlining process. The second option allows customers with conventional loans to completely rework their financing terms and switch to an FHA loan. Scotiabank launched the “Switch your Mortgage” program last Wednesday in Puerto Rico, after successfully introducing the offer in Canada, the Dominican Republic, the British Virgin Islands and Jamaica. About News is my BusinessNews is my Business is designed to be a tool that our island’s opinion-makers and leaders can rely on to make quick and smart decisions about their businesses and their economic futures.
To make your buying experience as simple as possible, we make sure that we can take care of all of your financial needs right on site. The first 120 auto loan customers will each receive $10,000 gas at any Rubis Service Station in Guyana, and all auto loans approved during the campaign period will be automatically entered into monthly draws in July, August and September for a chance to win one of the year’s most comprehensive insurance coverage to a maximum of $150,000.
Dealers in Berbice are Danzie’s Auto Sales, Suresh Business Complex and A Ally and Sons Auto Depot.

Defensive driving is the act of taking precautions to “defend” yourself against others on the road. The sites make money by acting as a middle man between merchants and shoppers to bring in new customers at lower-than-usual prices.
This can be frustrating because we’ve all heard from a friend or relative in a different province with a much lower rate.
What sounds like a simple idea has seemingly become one of the most divisive topics in the country. These days, scores of homeowners are paying for homes that are worth less than what they owe as a result of tanking property values.
This procedure does not require appraising the property and allows refinancing the outstanding balance of the current loan without the burden of closing costs, he said.
This alternative requires appraising the property, but in turn, the applicant is allowed to include the FHA’s required mortgage insurance premium — equivalent to 1 percent of the value of the loan — in the payment plan. The offer will be valid through March 18, with a loan-closing deadline of April 15, Mantaras said.
For potential Essequibo car owners, participating dealerships are Carsmart Auto and Mil Auto Sales in Bartica. Today, I want to go over some of the more popular apps in the real estate niche to help you discover the best tools that are available to you.
I didn’t see a travel insurance cost getting in the way until I found myself paying for it even though I didn’t understand what I was getting in return. You’ve likely read or heard about the war between taxi companies and Uber over the last few years, but what’s the real deal with ride-sharing in Canada? Then, proceed to our online finance application.All types of credit, from good to bad, can qualify for an auto loan. Victory Ford Lincoln Sales has strong relationships and is committed to finding you the perfect car loan company to suit your car finance needs.

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