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Finance to include vehicle registration charges, insurance, one-time road tax and accessories (subject to conditions).
Just contact any of our branches (more than 6000) that offer Car Loans or our Personal Banking Branches and give wheels to your desire! If you intend to buy a car there are lots of options available with launch of new car brands in the Indian market.
If you are not an account holder with SBI you would also need to furnish documents that establish your identity and give proof of residence. Prepayment fee of 2% of the amount of the loan prepaid will be levied subject to certain conditions.
25% of Processing fee will be ratained if application is rejected after pre-sanction survey. Up to 84 months from the date of original purchase of the vehicle (subject to maximum tenure as above). SBI provides, different car loan schemes in the personal banking sector which attracts many common features. Persons engaged in agriculture and allied activities: Same as for Self-employed and Professionals except that income tax return will not be required.
Repayment cycle: For loans disbursed on or before 15th of the month and on or after 16th of the month, the repayment date should be fixed as 10th and 20th of the following month respectively.

No pre-payment penalty if loan is foreclosed for taking a fresh car loan for new or used car from Bank. Insurance: The vehicle to be kept comprehensively insured in the name of borrower for the market value or at least 10% above the loan amount outstanding, whichever is higher.
GM [Network] can reduce it upto 50%, during short promotional drives and wherever bulk finance is involved with check-off from reputed employer.
25% of the fee to be retained if application is rejected after presanction survey [subject to min. Interest: Loans only on floating rates which [for new loans] may also be revised without a change in SBAR. SBI SME Auto loan allows Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) for buying new and old vehicles such as auto-rickshaw, car, jeep, MUV of any model. SBI provides the best car loan scheme for you to take a loan for purchase of used car, not more than 5 years old.
You can take finance for purchase of passenger cars, Multi Utility Vehicles (MUVs) and SUVs not more than five years old. 15% of the on the road price (which includes vehicle registration charges, insurance, one-time road tax and accessories). If you have been putting off purchasing that Car, we invite you to go through our Car Loan Scheme.

Going for the right kind of car loan is very important in the case you decide to buy a car on finance. When you pay one instalment, the interest is automatically calculated on the reduced balance thereafter. If married, your spouse's income could also be considered provided the spouse becomes a co-borrower in the loan. Total cost to include onetime road tax, octroi, registration charges, insurance premium and accessories.
Bank’s interest as a hypothecatee should be noted in the Insurance certificate & policy, a copy of which is to be retained with the loan documents. Featuring no Advance EMI, longest repayment tenure (7 years), lower interest rates, lower EMI, LTV 85% of ‘On Road Price’ of car (includes registration, insurance and cost of accessories worth Rs 25000), interest Calculated on Daily Reducing  Balance, Flexibility of payment of EMI any time during the month, low pre-payment penalty ie. Spouse’s income could also be considered provided the spouse becomes a co-borrower in the loan. 25% of Processing fee will be retained if application is rejected after pre-sanction survey.

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