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Hello buddy I want to know about the Home Loan Emi Calculator of State Bank Of Bikaner And Jaipur SBBJ please tell me ??
In this case, you may choose to either keep the EMI the same and reduce the loan tenure (that is pay off the loan faster) or decrease the EMI and keep the loan tenure the same (that is pay lesser amount every month). It is valuable to keep the EMI constant and reduce the loan tenure as you pay less interest to the bank in this option. Other Discussions related to this topic Thread Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Home Loan Calculator SBBJ Loan Scheme SBBJ Holiday Home Axis Bank Home Loan Calculator SBI Personal Loan Calculator Syndicate Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator Corporation Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator Ing Vysya Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator SBI home loan interest rate calculator SBI Loan EMI Calculator SBI Loan against Property Calculator Bank of India Home Loan Calculator Union Bank of India Home Loan Calculator IDBI home loan calculator SBI loan calculator personal loan SBI car loan EMI calculator Punjab National Bank Home Loan Calculator Central Bank of India Home Loan Emi Calculator SBI Loan Calculator Punjab National Bank Home Loan Emi Calculator Have a Facebook Account? If you are on the lookout for a land purchase loan for the purpose of buying a plot and construction of house over it, then SBI Realty loan may be a good choice. The important condition for availing this loan is that a house construction should commence within two years from the date of availing SBI Realty land purchase loan. The beauty of this offering is that you are also eligible to avail and other housing loan for the construction of house on the same plot financed with this loan scheme and thus get the benefit of running both the loans, currently.
Repayment Terms: Repayable in a maximum of 180 months commencing from the month following the month of disbursement of the loan. Interim guarantee of an individual good for the loan amount (to cover the period from the date of sanction and date of creation of equitable mortgage). Following is a general list of documents which are required by SBI with the application to sanction the SBI Realty land purchase loan. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and SBI may ask for any other document also as they may require. As already mentioned, an important condition for availing SBI realty loan is the maximum time period stipulated for construction of house, which is 2 years from the date of availing of the Loan.

At the time of availing the SBI Realty loan, you are required to clear the following undertakings to the bank. One important exception to this condition is that in case of loan for plot of land in development projects undertaken by Government agencies, and the date of handing over possession of developed plot to the purchaser in such projects exceeds two years, the maximum time period may be extended by the sanctioning authority in sync with the date of possession. SBI Realty Land Loan calculations are similar to any other term loan, where the principal repayment component and interest payment component add together to form the EMI.
You can download and use the MS Excel Sheet from the Download section of this website and use it as SBI Land Loan Calculator to the applicable EMIs.
Please note that the basic purpose SBI Realty land purchase loan is to facilitate the borrowers to finance the purchase of land so that they can construct the house over it. Many people are under the impression that loans for land purchase do not attract any text benefits under Indian income tax law. The principal amount repaid during the construction phase is not eligible for tax detection. The interest paid during the construction period is eligible for tax rebate in five consecutive years after the completion of construction. In case you have availed and other normal housing loan, then the text benefits are extended on both the SBI Realty loan as well as your second housing loan.
I WANT SBI REALTY LOAN, FOR PLOT IN PANCHAYAT AREA, PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR PLOT, & PLEASE PASS ME ANY RELEVENT CONTACT NUMBER TO TALK WITH YOU. If I won’t start the house with in a 2 years they charge with high interest rates or else even recall the loan. DisclaimerLots of approximations and assumptions have been made while developing the calculators.

Inno GeoCity has tied up with premium banks to offer financial assistance to its customers. In case you are looking to purchase the land with the basic purpose of speculative investment and looking for capital appreciation in the long-term, then please do not think of availing SBI Realty loan.
What they can do if i fully paid and closed the land loan with in two years and not intiated to build the house?.. Please note that SBI reserves the right to charge a higher interest rate or even call back the loan in case the borrower fails to adhere to this condition.
With the changes in the interest rates coming due to fluctuations in the market rates, the loan tenure period is adjusted. You will not be fulfilling the primary condition of commencement of construction within two years, and SBI may slap panel interest rate, which are similar to business loans or personal loans. Land purchase loans availed with the primary objective of construction of house, are eligible for tax exemptions similar to home loans with following conditions.
This implies that the attractive interest rate of 10% to 10.5% availed by you in SBI Realty loan might change something around 14% to 16%, which is a commonly applicable interest rate in case of commercial and personal loans.
Please help me understand all the procedures and criteria which are required to e fulfilled for availing the loan for purchasing plot of land.
We have been paying regular monthly installments through direct debit facility and not a single premium is due as on toady.

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