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Yes, you can get a plot loan for agricultural land based on your income and the title of the property.
I have brought a house in Feb 2007 for which I took a house loan and am claiming Income Tax benefits in terms of interest as well as principal.
Yes, short-term capital gains tax will be payable on the sale of the above mentioned property. Considering that I pay up 15 per cent cash during booking and 5 per cent remaining on possession, the bank will disburse Rs 1.5 lakh every quarter towards phased progress.
Pre-EMI is the simple interest payable on a home loan taken for an under-construction property where the loan disbursement is linked to the construction plan. How far bank is correct in adjusting previous out standings with 4 per cent penalty (they have charged me 2 per cent) ? A floating interest rate can be reset periodically based on the revision of a bank's prime lending rate, which is linked to market conditions. If your bank is not giving you the market rate, you should explore the option of changing your home loan lender if you have maintained a good track record of repayment on the loan.
You may want to consider the prepayment charges payable to the existing lender and the processing fee to the new lender. If you have surplus funds and you can also pre-pay a part of the home loan as it will reduce the monthly EMI burden. I am planning to purchase one flat in Kolkata costing around Rs 26 lakh + registration cost (could be around another Rs 3 lakh). I have a taken a home loan SBI Max Gain for which presently I am paying pre-EMI for 2 disbursement done by SBI bank to the builder.
I feel cheated because even after paying more than 3 lakh thru EMIs, my outstanding is more than my sanctioned amount. When you pay the loan EMI, in the initial years, the interest component in the loan higher compared to that of the principal.
I want to take the Car Loan from the State Bank of India so I need the ECS Form for it so can you please provide me this in form of PDF file? The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply?

2016 audi q7 india launch diwali?, 2016 audi q7 india launch but do no expect the prices to go down next year when expect price of 2016 audi q7 in india to start at around rs. Price manual cars india audi q7, Team car blog india spotted a 2016 audi q7 test find accurate audi q7 price in india - rs 65.8 audi q7 around. 2016 audi q7 - motor trend, Read about the 2016 audi q7, expect to see the 2016 audi q7 in global markets receive the new model — prices start at 61,000 euros, or around $. New model 2016 audi a4 india launch, price, specifications, New model 2016 audi a4 india launch prices of the new audi a4 in india are likely to start at around inr 38 lacs for the new model 2016 audi a4 price in india.. If you have claimed any deduction on account of principal repayment of the loan, you need to add it back to your income in the current year. The property is scheduled for possession in Mar'11 and the bank will disburse the 10 per cent (of Rs 15 lakh) every 3 months.
The periodicity of such revisions is defined in the loan document where they change the reference. Now as the market conditions have gone bad most of the banks have reduced the interst rate. I and my wife, working in central govt organization, are planning to take home loan each Rs 10 lakh and rest from GFP and other sources. When selecting a home loan lender, check for various terms and conditions and charges regarding home loans.2. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. So, you will need to work it out for your self every month by multiplying the principal outstanding for the month by the interest rate divided by 12.
If they are not giving you the market rate, you should explore the option of changing your home loan lender if you have maintained a good track record of repayment on the loan.
And for the same reason, I don't have Form16s for the years 2007-08 and 2008-09 and subsequently did not file my Tax returns for the two years. Can you please throw light on whether this is a standard practice or can I approach some legal entity to help me? In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

Do I need to refund back the tax benefits claimed or I only have to pay the capital gains tax? The second home loan is with SBI where I have outstanding of 18 lakh with the current rate of interest around 10.25 per cent.
This will ensure savings in pre-payment penalty and at the same time help you to save on high interest costs on a substantial portion of the loan.
You will be eligible to get a loan of around Rs 2 lakh for a plot, assuming that you have no other loan. I came across a couple of HL offers from SBI where the interest rate 8 per cent for first yr and then it varies according to market scenario.
Should we transfer our loan to some PSU bankA  or pay off extra to reduce and make it in limit of Rs 30,00,000. However, before you decide to pre-pay a home loan, it is in your interest to first clear off all unsecured dues like credit card dues and personal loans. Will there be any implications on the Tax benefit I availed for 2006-07?A Can you please educate me on this so that I can make an informed choice?
Does it make sense to switch my first HL from IDBI to SBI given that I have a 2 per cent foreclosure charge?? ICICI Bank has not reduced the rates by much and are not likely to do so in near future also seeing their present situation.
Apart from interest rates, also check various charges like processing fees, pre-payment charges, legal fees, valuation fees and other hidden costs.7. Remember, processing fee is non-refundable unless the bank's agent specifies otherwise in writing.

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