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Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements. Ripoff Report protects consumers first amendment right to free speech Report: #643759 Report - Rebuttal - Arbitrate Arbitrate Remove Reports? Home File a Report Consumer Resources Search Link to Ripoff Report Customer Support for Technical Issues General Questions and Suggestions Privacy Policy Terms of Service FAQ About Us Why Ripoff Report will not release author information! Revelations regarding deposit bail-in risks came in the wake of warnings of a new property crash centred on the housing market in Ireland. Santander Consumer — a unit of one of only two banks to receive the dubious honor of failing the Fed’s stress tests yesterday and the market leader in subprime auto lending — allegedly ignored a law that requires lenders to obtain a court order before repossessing cars from members of the military and will now pay $9.35 million to settle the issue with the government.
The law, called the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, recognizes that military members have to upend their lives, often at a moment’s notice, sometimes leaving their finances in peril. But Santander Consumer, prosecutors said, failed to get those court orders, leaving service members, including some who were deployed thousands of miles away, to fight at home and abroad. The case, filed in Federal District Court in Dallas, also accused Santander of going after an additional 352 service members for fees that stemmed from illegal repossessions started by other lenders. This is the same Santander Consumer that was subpoenaed last year by the Justice Department in connection with its packaging of subprime auto loans into ABS and whose lending practices also got the attention of the New York Dept. Don’t think for a second that any of this is slowing down the Santander Consumer subprime auto securitization machine though.
The prospectus for this deal has all sorts of fun language regarding risks and also includes a handy table showing average FICOs, loan terms, etc. Since July 2014, SCUSA has received civil subpoenas and civil investigative demands from various federal and state agencies, including from the U.S. The $712 million DRIVE 2015-A is backed by a pool of loans with an average FICO of 552 (12.9% of borrowers in the pool don’t even have a FICO) compared with 595 for the most recent SDART transaction, completed in February. Since the collateral in DRIVE is much weaker than previous subprime transactions sponsored by the issuer, Moody’s expected loss for the pool is 27%, or approximately 10% higher than for transactions issued under the SDART platform.
The recent spate of regulatory probes into subprime auto lending and securitization hasn’t really impacted appetite for these higher yielding loans.
We would reiterate here that all of the above serves to validate what we’ve been saying for months now about the subprime auto market specifically and about surging US auto sales more generally. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.
The 'Justice Dept' let's them settle without admission of guilt only keep civil lawsuits at bay. In most states, a lawyer seeking service of process must certify that the person being sued is not in active military service. It's amazing that Justice has time for this, when Holder is busy trying to start a race war in St. The Just Us department has time for this because it makes for favorable headlines "helping" soldiers, just as it has seemingly unlimited time to deal with the day-to-day operations of a single suburb of St. I know a retired Marine who had his car illegally repoed right after he got back from a deployment.
As for the securitization, I bet that if you get the pooling and servicing agreement, it states that ownership of receivables automatically revert from the master trust back to Santander, yet all proceeds from any lawsuits or repos goes back to the master trust so that investors can get paid. I don't mean to argue with you, but real party in interest just means the party who owns the debt. A lot of states consider the party that is getting the bulk of the money to be the real party of interest, no matter what the paper says about who owns it. We entertain no doubt as to the correctness of the portion of the judgment which grants injunctive relief. Unemployed impoverished American will make more soldiers willing to die for  minimum pay.
Fucking amazing add, the mofos are training the troops for immersion, just like they did with Iraq before the operation desert storm same adds for Arabic speakers.
It would probably be cheaper and easier on everyone if we just flew the real Ukrainian combatants to the U.S.
Money may dictate the war but don't confuse that with the foot soldiers that get caught up in it. How much TARP and other program money went to spanish based Santander (or their cronies at the time?). I'm not bright enough for the math but 800 plus cars - say the full 1,250--- $9.35 M --- who got the money? I didn't see where $9.3M penalty was to compensate the victims.Did I miss that part or does that money just disappear into the black hole of government spending? On Monday, Fitch Ratings issued a press release discussing the performance of subprime auto asset-backed securities (ABS), which take many subprime auto loans and package them together in a process known as securitization. While perhaps not obviously related, contingent convertible securities being sold in Europe pose the risk of triggering a clause in their terms that would lead to their conversion to stock, which, while improving the issuing bank’s balance sheet, would result in a flood of supply to the market, not to mention dilution to earnings per share numbers. Recent news out of the European Central Bank that the agency intends to buy corporate bonds, as reported by the NASDAQ, is seen as being almost unprecedented. Examples of ABS securities that bundle subprime auto loans include securities issued by Ally Auto Receivables Trust (AART) 2015-2, as reported by Moody’s, and Skopos Auto Receivables Trust 2015-2, as reported by Business Wire. Analysts are forecasting that both Santander and Consumer Portfolio Services will report year-over-year EPS reductions over coming quarters. A Form 8K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission details a multi-hundred million dollar deal involving Ally Financial Inc. SolarCity's (NASDAQ:SCTY) very existence is built on the idea of democratizing solar energy -- making it possible for everyone to generate their own electricity instead of just buying it from a utility. Now, CEO Lyndon Rive wants to lower the credit threshold his company is willing to accept when signing up customers to 20-year solar agreements.

In theory, focusing less on growth will allow SolarCity to more efficiently sell solar to a more select group of customers. But if the company has to expand its pool of buyers to a lower credit, higher risk customer, it undermines this idea that sales costs are only rising because growth targets were too high. SolarCity is becoming a bank This might not be a big deal if SolarCity just built and sold solar systems, but the company is actually more of a bank than an installer these days. So, moving below the 650 threshold would increase the risk of customers not paying bills as planned. SolarCity could offset some of the risk with a down payment, but over the 20-year term of a lease or PPA a lower credit score still brings a lot of risk into the business model.
How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from bad businesses. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. By requiring lenders to first obtain a court order, the law provides service members with a chance to delay or contest repossessions.
Prosecutors said that the lender’s repossessions stretched over roughly five years, from January 2008 until February 2013.
The company, which leads all other lenders when it comes to the total amount of subprime auto loan debt outstanding, has already done a deal this year worth $1.2 billion which accounts for nearly 25% of all subprime auto ABS issuance YTD. While each originator’s underwriting guidelines were designed to establish that, notwithstanding such factors, the obligor would be a reasonable credit risk, the receivables pool will nonetheless experience higher default rates than a portfolio of obligations of prime obligors.
Issuers have maintained a regular calendar of issuance since the Department of Justice first initiated investigations into subprime auto financing targeting GM Financial and Santander, in August 2014. At the margin, growth is being fueled by loans to risky borrowers and lenders are encouraged to make these loans by a Wall Street securitization machine that is just now starting to heat up again after taking a well-deserved post-crisis rest.
No monetary consideration is paid for this assignment and the contingency fee relationship remains the same.
Before one may proceed in the courts to prosecute a claim in which another has a beneficial interest it must be determined whether or not the assignment was made to accomplish an illegal purpose. There would, under these circumstances, be no contract or privity between the owners of the various claims and the attorneys furnished by the defendants. Barnett, supra, dealt with a collection agency which solicited claims for collection, brought suit on the claims as assignee, and prepared and submitted the necessary legal instruments in some cases and retained a lawyer in others. What is questioned is the right of defendant to hold himself out as one specially equipped to render services requiring special legal training and knowledge and the right to make a business of habitually rendering such services under the claimed protection of these propositions.
Undoubtedly one might for example engage in the business of buying claims as investments and might take assignments of them to himself and maintain actions thereon in his own name. The Santander executives and everybody down the management chain responsible for these illegal repos should be turned over to the tender mercies of ISIS. Subprime mortgages packaged in a similar manner are seen as being responsible for the 2008 subprime mortgage collapse.
Combined with negative interest rates, as reported by the Financial Post, the buyback news from the ECB marks a curious time in the economic history of the globe. Perhaps interesting to note is that the Deutsche Bank name appears in both the subprime auto and CoCo conversations. The company has done that by making installation and financing of solar systems on residential rooftops easy to understand, and has signed up hundreds of thousands of customers in the process.
Currently, it won't accept anyone with lower than a 650 credit score, but Rive wants to lower that further, potentially offset by a down payment, expanding the company's potential market.
The company has been having a harder time selling solar systems lately, as indicated by a 60% rise in sales costs per watt over the last two years to $0.64 in the third quarter and a massive reduction in growth to just 40% next year (the company has doubled annually for the last five years). On its conference call, management even made reference to each extra MW of sales each quarter being harder and harder to achieve, so slower growth would hopefully bring down sales costs. Maybe sales in general are becoming harder as the market becomes more saturated, and that's why SolarCity needs to expand who it sells to. SolarCity had 298,030 paying customers at the end of the third quarter who it counts on to pay leases or power purchase agreements each month. It's worth noting that below about a 650 credit score is where a bank considers a borrower subprime, something short seller Jim Chanos has called SolarCity in the past.
According to Sunrun's most recent earnings report, prime mortgage and auto loan providers experience a roughly 1-2% loss rate on loans, higher than the less-than-1% rate at Sunrun. The biggest reason I could see that SolarCity would want to lower the credit requirements of customers is if it can't find enough customers with good credit who want to go solar to hit its growth targets.
SolarCity could alleviate some of this risk by focusing on selling systems or partnering with a bank to do the loans. Long-term, the jury is still out on how much value SolarCity's business model adds and there are strong arguments on both sides of the debate. After CitiFinancial Auto received their collateral I was given a credit of approximately $5,549.81 on the loan and the account was closed one month later as paid. I don't know all of the details of how the insurance worked, but I think that it covered the remaining $2000 so the insurance paid the balance owed. Santander, prosecutors said, completed 760 repossessions against service members protected under the relief act. The details of that deal are below — note the average FICO score of 595, the average term of 70 months, the average APR of nearly 17%, and the breakdown which shows that more than two thirds of the loans were for used cars. In the event of such defaults, generally, the most practical alternative is repossession of the financed vehicle. Since then, another six issuers have been targeted by investigation led by the DOJ and the CFPB.
The fee allowed by the owners of the claims to compensate defendants for the services rendered are deducted by the defendants for their own use and benefit.

But when he does not purchase the claims and only takes colorable assignment of them so he may render or cause to be rendered legal service to others and holds himself out as engaged in such practice, it is a quite different matter. But if it is another's lawsuit or action, placed in plaintiff's name so as to enable him to render service to that other under the pretext of trying his own case, it does not come under the protection of the rule. The salutary purpose of the statute may not thus be perverted to encourage the growth of a class of `justice court lawyers,' unfettered by the rules that bind licensed attorneys and without training in law and ethics.
The resulting video of the shootings, involuntary immolations, and beheadings of the Santander personnel should then be shown in the board rooms of every sub-prime lender, explaining that will be their fate if they cheat our servicemen and women.
Since the end of the WWII in 200+ wars the Americans took over 40,000,000 lives around the world. But this puts a further spotlight on the company's recent challenges attracting new customers, and brings to the forefront and even bigger question: Is SolarCity a solar company or a bank?
The higher the credit score of these customers, the more likely they are to pay that obligation (just like in banking). But subprime auto loan providers Santander and AmeriCredit expect around a 15% loss rate with customers who have 575 and 600 credit scores respectively. That's the concern that came out of rising sales costs and slower growth targets in the third quarter earnings report, and this only exacerbates my concern.
As it is, SolarCity becomes more and more of a bank everyday, and moving into subprime customers should be alarming for shareholders who hope the company can count on homeowners as counter parties for 20 or 30 years of cash flows. SolarCity is a pick in several Motley Fool Premium services and there is a bull case to be made around the company's industry-disrupting business model and value proposition to customers. To the people submitting these Rebuttals, we know who you work for and what you are about.To Flynrider and Robert, thank you very much for your comments and advice. However, if I did owe them $2000 then it seems logical to me that I would have heard from them about it over the last year. As a result, losses on the receivables are anticipated from repossessions and foreclosure sales that do not yield sufficient proceeds to repay the receivables in full. The courts themselves will not permit laymen to appear in court in a representative capacity.
The services so rendered are such as are usually and customarily rendered by an attorney in the practice of his profession. In one case he is dealing in property on his own account, in the other he is selling service and merely adopting the guise of an investor to conceal the real nature of his operations.
And if it is done by one who engages in it as a business and holds himself out as peculiarly qualified or equipped, it comes under the ban of illegal practice of law. HSBC woudn't accept the power of attorney and I couldn't even give them the money owed to clear up the problem. Consumer Portfolio Services beat analyst expectations in the fourth quarter of 2015 by 7.4 percent. I obviously have my doubts, but having open debates and differences of opinion are what investing, and Foolishness, are all about. We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors. You know, like a letter telling me so, demanding payment and offering to set up a payment schedule. The decision that a lawsuit is the only remaining method available for collection of a claim is made solely by the CreditBureau, not its attorneys. Under the allegations any attorney retained to perform such services in the enforcement of such claims would be the defendants' employee or agent. In my experience that is what usually happens because, as you say, they want their money back. The Nelson court held that an assignee is the real party in interest even though the assignment is only for the purpose of suit. Rather such assignments are made for procedural and administrative convenience and permit groups of persons collectively to pursue a similar or common right.
Such a business conducted for the purpose of bringing legal actions on claims owned by third parties and consisting of the payment of all costs and the furnishing of all legal services incident to the bringing of the actions is the practice of law. It did not involve47*47 in any way a practice by plaintiff of soliciting claims for litigation or collection, of holding itself out as able to repossess property, or of contracting for the conduct of litigation. But I haven't received anything from them until this notice from Santander almost a year later stating that my account balance is $8549.81. There may well be legitimate purposes for the taking of an assignment by one engaged in the business of collecting claims for others. Where, as here, the agency rendering the service is a lay agency, it is the illegal practice of law.
If I did owe them the $2000 as you say I might what is $8549.81 minus $2000, I think it is $6549.81 isn't it?
But collection agencies as a part of their business of serving others, clearly should not be permitted to prepare legal papers, commence suits, appear in court, prepare judgments and generally manage law suits for its various customers.
That is quite a large inflation, over three times what you think that I owe, without any previous explanation. If they change the terms of the loan contract they have to give me notice of the change at least 30 days before it happens. That is fraudulent, because they are trying to fool me into thinking that I owe them money that I do not owe them.

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