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Are you looking for an USDA Loan in Texas, but just not sure what a USDA loan even is, how it works, or what it’s even about? Whether you are looking to learn more about how much you can get approved for or already have a USDA mortgage and need to refinance out of your high interest rate loan, we’re here to help you every step of the way and get you the best rate possible! Get the Lowest USDA Rates in TexasBecause we have exclusively specialized in USDA loans since 2004, we have developed some of the best investor relationships in order to give you the best rates and save you even more money.
Have Expert USDA Advice at Your FingertipsBuying a home or refinancing can be a confusing puzzle at times. Save More Trees with Our E-Sign TechnologyBeing a USDA Approved Lender in Texas, we are environmentally friendly. If you are someone looking to buy a home but do not have the minimum down payment requirement with other types of mortgages out there, then a Texas USDA home loan may be for you. USDA loans Texas are offered to help lower to moderate income households purchase homes in rural areas and in some cases on the outskirts of a city or in a medium sized town as determined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) with no down-payment needed!
Required property improvements can be financed into the loan up to 102% of the a€?improveda€? value, which can be completed after closing. At USDA Loan Texas, we offer the best USDA interest rates and most competitive closing costs when it comes to helping you buy a home that keeps things easy on the wallet. Exciting things are happening with USDA home financing – other than a VA loan, USDA is only 1 of only a few options left for true 100% financing. 100% FinancingUSDA loans may be for up to 100 percent (102 percent if the guarantee fee is included in the loan) of whatever the home appraises for. Funds for ClosingAnother great feature that comes along with USDA financing is that you can roll everything into the loan.
Refinance OptionsIf you are wanting to refinance into a USDA loan, you must have an existing USDA Rural Development Guaranteed housing loans or our Section 502 Direct housing loans already in place. Guarantee FeeThere is a one-time guarantee fee that is charged to the lender, which in turn, is rolled into the loan. We make the process of purchasing a new home or refinancing your current mortgage simple and straight forward by offering you the latest in financial tools set forth by the best banks in our country. Please contact us for up to date rates and any other mortgage questions or check your USDA eligibility now. If you are looking for an Austin USDA Lender, Houston USDA Lender, Dallas USDA Lender, or San Antonio USDA Lender, you have come to the right place! With all the benefits USDA offers, rural development loans have become very popular in Texas.
USDA home loans for rural housing are designed to keep agricultural areas in the United States strong by giving people in the communities the same opportunity to own homes even though there may be less homes in these USDA areas. At USDA Loan Texas, our USDA loan experts will take you through the loan process step-by-step. Traditional mortgage loans can be more challenging for these types of buyers because they require a down payment and are unable to have a guarantee that the loan will be paid.
Under the Guaranteed Loan Program, the Housing and Community Facilities Program guarantees and insures loans made by lenders such as ourselves.
USDA loans Texas are primarily designed to help low income individuals and households to purchase a home in rural areas.
If you are looking to refinance and want the best rate and terms, and want an easy process with more favorable guidelines, a USDA loan is probably the best choice for you. Refinancing into a USDA loan is a very similar process to refinancing using conventional financing. In fact, both loans require almost identical paperwork, it’s just that a USDA mortgage is only another type of loan. One nice advantage of refinancing is that you are allowed to skip one month of your mortgage payment after you close. Depending on when in the month your mortgage closes you can possibly not make the current mortgage payment and skip the following month as well.

When it comes to refinancing your current mortgage with USDA, we make the process simple here at USDA Loan Texas by giving straight forward advice because we know that this will enable you to make the most accurate financial decision. Have an adjusted annual household income that does not exceed the moderate income limit established for the area. Have a credit history that indicates a reasonable willingness to meet obligations as they become due.
Eligible USDA property types include single family homes and condominiums (primary residence only).
New or Existing Homes – Guaranteed loans can be made on either new or existing homes. If any of this is confusing or you have a question, please feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to help you.
In the meantime you can click this link which will help you determine USDA property eligibility. Calculating your mortgage payment can be confusing if you’re not sure what you should be adding, and what you should be subtracting. While there is a general rule that you can always take 1% of your sales price as your mortgage payment, we wanted to take it one step further and made a USDA loan calculator specifically for you to help you figure out what your monthly payment will be. All you have to do is plug in a just 2 numbers and everything will get automatically calculated for you. Keep in mind that rates always change, but knowing the trends can help you get an idea as to where USDA rates stand at the moment.
To see the average USDA mortgage rates for Texas, just click here and you’ll be taken back to the top of the page where we have it on the right hand side. These are the most common questions that we get asked, so we compiled them to help you out and get you as many answers as possible.
Q: What is a USDA Mortgage, and what makes this program better than other programs that offer a low down payment? A: USDA loans are a fixed rate mortgages with 30-year full amortizations, which provides for a stable payment over the life of the loan, thus giving the borrower security. While the USDA income limits are liberal, they are based on the total projected income for all adults living in the household.
Please click on this link to help find some more information on the income limits for your particular area. A: Loans may be for up to 100 percent (102 percent if the guarantee fee is included in the loan) of appraised value or for the acquisition cost, whichever is less. A: Rural areas include open country and places with a population of 10,000 or less and under certain conditions towns, cities, and outskirts with between 10,000 and 25,000 residents.
A: USDA home mortgage loans are on a 30 year fixed rate term and provide interest rates that are usually equal to or sometimes lower than traditional financing making it more attractive to home buyers. Locations Proudly serving Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and all surrounding areas in Texas. SchoolsClick map icons below to view information for schools near 11775 90th Avenue N Maple Grove, MN 55369.
The data relating to real estate for sale on this web site comes in part from the Internet Data Exchange Program.
This property at 11775 90th Avenue N, Maple Grove, MN 55369 is located in the subdivision and is listed for $179,900.
Rest assured that your USDA loan is in good hands and wea€™ll help guide you in the right direction. With our e-sign technology, you can start on your USDA loan in a matter of just a few clicks. We look forward to answering all your questions and are here for you every step of the way.
A USDA mortgage offers many advantages, as it is very popular with first time homeowners, so you should expect lower interest rates and no down payment in relation to a conventional residential home loan.

With this no down-payment option, USDA loans have become a very popular option for those that do not have enough saved up for other types of mortgage financing that is required. This means you can include closing costs, the guarantee fee, title service fees, and other prepaid items,A  as long as the appraised value is higher than sales price. This is what is called the USDA Guarantee fee and what helps keep USDA in business and offering this great program. Even if you have less-than-perfect credit or are a first time home buyer a USDA loan could be the right loan for you.
This will allow for rural communities to build better community centers and facilities thus attracting more people to move to those neighborhoods.
In addition, an individual or family may borrow up to 100% of the appraised value of the home, which eliminates the need for a down payment.
This is where you have stable predicable payments each month and as a result offers the most security for yourself and your family.
A familya€™s income includes the total gross income of the applicant, co-applicant and any other adults in the household.
All existing homes must be structurally sound, functionally adequate, and in good condition. Rural areas include open country and places with a population of 10,000 or less anda€”under certain conditionsa€”towns and cities with between 10,000 and 25,000 residents.
Please keep in mind that these are if you go with USDA directly, but if you go with a USDA approved lender such as us, these limits are much much higher because the lender is assuming the risk instead of USDA themselves. Typically towns on the outskirts of larger cities and less than 30,000 residents apply, however you would be surprised where the areas are. The buyer also has an option to finance this charge but at a different percent depending on the loan amount. After the one-time fee is paid, there is no recurring monthly expense charged for guaranteeing the loan. After my husband and I got pre-approved for a USDA loan, we closed in about a month and actually got cash back at closing. The way this is done is by having the sellers raising the sales price by a certain percentage, and then giving it back to you to help contribute to your closing costs.
These loans are attractive to those who have stable income and credit, but dona€™t have enough money for down payment. Find out if you qualify for a USDA home mortgage loan by asking questions without any obligations. If you are currently in an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and would like the security of a fixed rate, a fixed rate USDA is the right program for you. Applicants may be eligible to make certain adjustments to gross incomea€” such as annual child care expenses and $480 for each minor childa€”in order to qualify.
While this rule is very much like a blanket policy, you would be very surprised about which homes qualify, so it’s always a good idea to check with us before you count any homes out of the picture. Applicants may be eligible to make certain adjustments to gross income such as annual child care expenses and $480 for each minor child in order to qualify.
Every desirable element has been included – expansive, open plan living spaces, generous bedrooms, and superior fittings and finishes. High ceilings and full-height windows create an enhanced sense of space, perfected by a large outdoor entertaining area.
Vibrant new café, retail and leisure precincts are located at marina level, enhanced by impeccable landscaped gardens.

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