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The Prius has been the best-selling hybrid car in history, and it's now reached its fourth generation car in the most dramatic fashion.
Before you consider auto-refinancing, take a close look at your current loan's interest rate. Also, take a look at current interest rates to see if they've dropped enough to make a difference for you. There's pretty much no point in refinancing your car if it's actually worth less than the amount of money you owe on the loan. Talk to your lender about how much remains on your car loan and compare it to the Kelley Blue Book value of your vehicle. Do keep in mind that the car which you're refinancing is now considered a used car, so interest rates are naturally higher than those for new cars. You can reduce your interest rate and extend the term of your loan if you qualify, which may further reduce your monthly payment, though many may find it unpalatable to pay their loans for a longer term. You also may have the option to simply extend the term of your loan if you can't get a lower rate. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to have the seller contact you at the phone number provided via live, prerecorded or autodialed calls for the purpose of providing you with additional information on this vehicle. Our specialists can assist you in finding a vehicle that fits for your budget regardless of your credit situation. Kennels LtdMortgages For Dummies - Eric Tyson, Ray Brown - Google BooksIn Mortgages For Dummies, 3rd Edition, bestselling authors Eric Tyson and Ray . Tips for Comparing Mortgage Lenders - For DummiesBe sure to ask the following questions of potential mortgage lenders: What is the current interest rate of the mortgage being considered? Should I pay discount points on my mortgage?Mortgage discount points (also referred to as points) are an upfront fee paid to .
How and Why to Get Preapproved for a Mortgage - For DummiesYour mortgage company has done a thorough review of your financial information . How to choose a mortgage broker - MSN Real EstateYou need to find someone who will work with you to find the right mortgage. Short Sales - An understanding of how it worksA short sale in real estate occurs when the mortgage balances (loans) against the property are greater than the sale .

Rebuilding - For DummiesThe first step is to list all mortgage and consumer debt, including credit cards [ more . Credit Repair Kit For Dummies Cheat Sheet - For DummiesIf you get to the point where you can't make mortgage payments or have other . Loan Modification For Dummies:Book Information - For DummiesLoan Modification For Dummies (0470501995) cover image . House Selling For Dummies Cheat Sheet - For DummiesBefore you commit to selling your house, assess the mortgage options for your next purchase, . How to Use Quicken to Track Your Loans - For DummiesQuicken asks questions about your loan. Mortgages for Dummies DefinitionsIf you are a homeowner wanting to take out a 2nd mortgage or a home equity loan, you may . Mortgage Refinancing • Save Thousands, Avoid Junk FeesHidden mortgage refinancing loopholes exposed. James Caher, Personal Bankruptcy Laws For Dummies excerptsWe've found most people ask the same initial questions about bankruptcy.
Mortgage Refi Rates for DummiesWant the lowest mortgage refi rates without junk fees or hidden markup? Though it will no doubt crush the competition again in terms of sales figures, the new car has to answer to critics of its driving dynamics, who have always been vocal about the Prius's distinct lack of driving excitement and composure. You give it to them knowing they're pretty much not going to hold back in making your car or truck an absolute abomination of power. After all, why continue on with a 20-year mortgage at a higher interest rate when you can lower your payments. You'd be hard pressed to find a lender who will let you refinance based on the fact that you're what's known as "upside down" on the loan. A lot of paperwork and possible fees, it's sort of like taking a beating to get some savings.
But that doesn't mean you wouldn't qualify for a lower interest rate than what you currently have--especially if interest rates have dropped and your credit score has gone up.
But if you're in a pinch for extra money in your pocket every month, it's something to consider.

This type of refinancing allows you to lower your payment, as well, though the total purchase price may actually go up when considering the full term of your loan. Her bestselling book is filled with practical know-how and solutions to all your home loan questions.
There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes when your mortgage broker quotes you an .
Toyota apparently also wants the Prius to get more visual environmental street cred because the styling is pretty radical with pulls and tweaks from tip-to-toe. Or are you well over 6% If you're in the latter group, you should take a look at refinancing.
There are also stipulations by lenders on the age of the vehicle being refinanced and minimums on the amount of the original loan, all considerations you should look carefully at before taking further action.
Having made regular and timely payments on your current loan should help you improve your score. You also may have the option to extend the term of your loan, versus getting the interest rate lowered.
They recently built the Ford Mustang HPE800 that not just celebrates their 25th anniversary but does it with 800 mind-blowing horsepower. Dropping your interest rate, if your credit score is good enough, could result in some savings for you, and that's without extending the term of the loan.
Some car buyers don't even realize this is an option, believing they have to stick with what they originally signed up for in terms of financing when they drove the car off the dealer lot.
It's something to consider as an immediate remedy, versus a long-term one and could free up some funds. But auto refinancing is a great way to make your monthly budget more workable, but you have to take a good look at where you are and what your reasons are for doing so.

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