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Here are 10 of the credit union industry’s best advertising and marketing programs from last year, including a fun Rubber Duck Derby and a crazy Vampire Survival Guide. The Credit Union Executives Society has announced the winners of its 2013 Golden Mirror Awards competition. Visit for a complete list of CUES Golden Mirror Awards winners, where you can also view their full entries. Objective: To help ease the transition for Target Credit Union members during the merger with BCU, and to introduce them to the new range of products and services available. Comment From The Financial Brand: Every financial institution that acquires another needs to produce a piece like this. Millennials Are Not a One Size Fits All Group Gaining Millennials’ trust is essential for long-term survival. Eligibility for a loan from Mahindra Finance depends on the individual appraisal and the product, and all loans are given at the sole discretion of the company.
It depends on the age and condition of the vehicle and repayment capability of the individual.
Our extensive network of branches at over 700+ locations, speedy and simple documentation process and the capability of our executive to take quick, smart decisions make sure that the process of obtaining a loan is a quick and smooth one. Our project finance loan calculator will give an accurate estimate of the monthly outgo towards your loan. Realising your dreams with the right finance options is often difficult for small businesses.
You can get an estimate on the amount of EMI you would be paying for the loans undertaken for your corporate financial needs.

If you have always dreamt of owning your favourite car, then let the used car loan calculator enable your decision.
Having a ready reckoner of your financial future is the best way to conduct any decision-making process.
Brands that build engaging, personal banking relationships will win a larger share of spending power. Enter the tenure and the amount of the loan along with the interest rate in the loan calculator. We understand the importance for expansion, purchasing new equipment, upgrading production and manufacturing processes or even receiving a quality certification. Our calculator gives an estimate based on the amount of loan, tenure and the interest rate you need for the loan. Amongst the varied project finance aspects, working capital is critical to implementing your business processes.
The calculator is the best way of judging the amount you need to pay by modifying the interest rate, loan amount and the tenure of the loan. The used car loan calculator is the best way to propel your decisions for planning your finances. 1,500 numbered ducks were sold, then dumped off a bridge into a river and raced for prizes. With attractive interest rates, these loans for SMEs are uniquely designed to give the level of security that businesses need. Not only is it a smoother way of conducting business, but one can implement plans with attractive loans for business.

Get a simulation of the amount of project finance you intend to undertake along with the tenure and the rate of interest.
We provide attractive rates for businesses having the will to achieve success with new ideas. From funding advertising, production, manufacturing, distribution and certification needs, a working capital loan will help you achieve these basics. We understand the need to start a business without immediate capital, that's why we offer exclusive working capital loans to aid the requirements of all small businesses. The EMI for used car loan gives a specific estimate of the monthly re-payments towards the used car loan. Unsecured loans, when compared to secured business loans, do not assure security amongst their barrage of offers. Our experienced financial advisors give corporate financial advice in order to aid your financial decisions for your new ventures. The interest rate on project finance will help you select the ideal financing option to begin the critical processes in your business.
Factors such as financial advice, longer tenure and attractive interest rates are the only reason why small businesses choose to go for secured business loans. With the attractive interest rate for project finance, the realisation of new projects is not impossible.

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