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The best way to find out the total exit fees from your current lender is to contact them directly. Early Exit Fee – usually payable if you close out the loan within the first 5 years, Can range anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Break Fees – is the economic cost to the lender passed onto the borrower if a fixed rate is exited before the term has expired.
Lenders Mortgage Insurance – if you borrow more than 80% of the properties value regular loans or 60% for low doc loans lenders mortgage insurance will need to be paid.
Solicitor Costs – if you use a solicitor to refinance your loan then there will be a fee. Try our refinance mortgage calculator to see is it is worth refinancing your home and or investment loan. Commercial Loan Interest Rate Update July 2016 04:43 By Administrator .

About usSmart Search Finance is an Australian mortgage comparison website that helps you find products best suited to your lending needs.
With access to hundreds of lenders and their representatives offering more than 3,000 products. Commercial loans by Custom Mortgage can be the most reliable source of funding for your commercial real estate financing.A  You can rest assured you will receive the most comprehensive and diligent team of professional to help you navigate your commercial property transaction. We charge no upfront fees on our commercial loans and have many streamline low documentation commercial property options that you can take advantage of today with the lowest rates available. Call us at 877-976-5669 to get the best possible rate for your Commercial loan transaction. Copyright 2001-2016 Custom Mortgage - All information in this site is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and is subject to change. Please enter your email to get updates on rates and programs By adding your contact details, you will be able to receive updates on the most recent program and rate information.

The past month has seen variable commercial property loan interest rates have remained stable or have risen slightly by 0.10% for some products. We have one of the most comprehensive listing of mortgage based loans on the Australian mortgage market.
Rates are at an historic all time low and you will be missing out if you do not take advantage now.
Contact us with any questions you may have in regards to commercial loan financing and commercial loans in general.
Each lender has different formulas and it is advised you contact them directly for the exact figure.

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