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Buying A New Car PainlesslyWea€™ve been financing our cars through Navy Federal Credit Union for our loan approved. Favorite Videos - YouTubeNavy SEAL Training - Self Confidence - Froglogic Motivational Training. Getting The Best Deal On Your Vehicle NotesNavy Federala€™s car buying video the National Auto Dealer Association Guide and Kelley Blue Book. Navy Federal Closes Record-Breaking YearThe credit union originated $4.8 billion in auto loans in 2012a€”a 46% increase over 2011. For a few weeks starting in August last fall, the world’s biggest credit union held a membership appreciation event on Facebook. It started off with a social component — nothing earth shattering, just a fairly typical contest where members were invited to submit videos explaining why they loved Navy FCU.
Most financial institutions would be happy with that one modest idea (deferred cash prizes) and stop there… a video contest with a giveaway and nothing more.
They strategically placed a few posts on their Facebook page and paid for Facebook ads to promote two specific products: auto loan refinancing and certificates of deposit.
Keep in mind that these results are on top of the standard metrics used to measure social media success. Even though Navy FCU takes a sophisticated, sales-oriented approach to social media, they are still mindful of the norms and user expectations in each channel.
When Navy FCU wants to promote a product like mobile banking on Twitter, they can carefully craft a tactful tweet — something that allows them to talk about the product without turning it into an unsavory ad.
If Navy FCU wants to push the throttle on sales in social spaces a little harder, that’s when they start buying promoted tweets.
The credit union also pays for its enterprise-grade social media management solution from Sprinklr. Just looking at some very raw numbers such as what the deposits could have cost them versus the loans, the price of the software, the price of the employees etc, I would estimate between $200K and $300K of profit. I think there’s some confusion here between the medium (in this case, Facebook) and the quality of the offer. Just because Facebook was the primary (or even sole) media channel DOES NOT mean that you can attribute success or failure to it.

Before financial institutions even get to the point where they can compare the efficacy of social vs.
Three Strategies That Accounted For 10% YOY Growth The strategies a 600-branch bank utilized to maintain 10% YOY account acquisition for four years, and then double the balances of core accounts in 2015. Tax space remained the same, though it becomes 10% or $2,000,000, but the Luxury Tax space changed to Interest on Credit Card Debt: Pay $ On sale at Supercheap Auto stores.
UNDERWRITING AND LOAN APPROVAL PROCESSRisk Management Examination Manual for Credit Card Activities Chapter VII VII.
Over 300 video entries were submitted, with six members winning $4,000 CDs, six winning $1,000 CDs, and ten getting $100 gift cards. That’s smart, because (1) they are making consumers aware that the credit union offers certificates of deposit, and (2) they are maximizing the time-value of money by locking up cash giveaways as term deposits. While delaying distribution of cash awards is something CFOs will surely appreciate, a straight video contest without any product offers is something CFOs will account for as pure cost — no income minus expenses equals a net loss.
There were over 45,000 votes in the video contest, and the credit union saw the number of its fans on its Facebook page increase five fold. For example, they might talk about how they are going to have a tweet-up with their in-house mobile banking expert for the next hour, so anyone with any questions can hit them up. Out of 80 or so marketing employees on Navy FCU’s staff, eight are in the social media department.
The Sprinklr system allows Navy FCU to monitor conversations about their brand occurring anywhere online. They had better learn how to do it now, because someday soon banks and credit unions of all sizes will need to be doing it. Apparently, submitting videos for a chance to win a CD doesn’t work so well, with just 1 in 13,000+ members participating.
You put together a campaign like this and you better have every i dotted and every t crossed.
After a brief phone call which included a check of our credit report and score we secured our loan at 1 credit union. They wonder why the organization would engage in any activity that has no measureable impact on the bottom line.

Add in the tens of thousands of video views generated on YouTube when members posted their stories there.
There are ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to refinance your auto loan with Navy Federal from another lender to receive $250. Rather than blanket Facebook with ads using a crude demographic model, Navy FCU targeted its campaign with pinpoint precision.
The credit union employs another 20 in their contact center who act as social media service reps. Social media consultants have brainwashed many of them into believing that it’s taboo. And be ready to track very comment that is posted in reply or in reply to someone else’s reply. All this activity has helped propel Navy FCU to the top of nearly every Power 100 list The Financial Brand maintains. The ads were only shown to members who were: (1) fans of their Facebook page, (2) used online banking but not mobile banking, and (3) accessed Facebook from a mobile device. Navy FCU publishes a service-level agreement for Facebook users that promises any inquiry will receive a response within an hour, but normally it only takes 15 minutes, Navy FCU says, and 95% of all issues are resolved within Facebook.
This makes it easy for compliance people to audit the communications trail, should any disputes (or regulators) present themselves.
Whenever the marketing department creates content for a social network, it travels through Sprinklr over to compliance and legal for a thumbs up before it gets posted.
There are too many what-ifs from compliance and regulatory to undertake something like this. Navy FCU’s high-tech online tracking system gives them the ability to answer all these questions.
If any manager at Navy FCU wants to know about social media ROI, all they need to do is check their email inbox.

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