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The disagreement led Lewis to smash a glass across the man’s face, according to police and, reportedly, surveillance video footage.
Obviously Todd felt the male acquaintance needed more silca, soda ash and limestone in his diet.
If your location has traffic traveling by at 40mph or faster, or your location is distanced away from pedestrian and vehicular traffic, a medium resolution can offer the perfect balance of sign size and resolution to give you the greatest attention-grabbing power. Lewis fled the scene and was at large for a time but recently turned himself in, police said Wednesday.

Lewis is listed as a graduate of Ohio State University, which was playing in the college football playoff championship Monday night. For there to be a fight over football, generally there needs to be two differing opinions, unless Lewis was just being an arrogant drunk guy. These street-side applications, especially up in the air, can offer great impact at a great price. Many businesses have found that by choosing a medium-resolution sign they can afford to install a larger display allowing them to truly standout in their community.

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