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These real estate flyers are created in Word, and you can download files to your computer to customize any way you like. The company showed its prototype version of their EV-neo electric scooter at the Tokyo Motor Show in December 2009 (see photo). Built to act as a delivery vehicle for companies, the sturdy construction of the EV-neo and its high torque brushless electric motor allows it to perform similarily to 50 cc gasoline (petrol) scooters that are sold in this market. Flyers with images are more likely to catch attention, and they quickly introduce your propertyWrite attractive title: Create a headline that will grab attention and let reader know what the flyer is about.

The EV-neo electric scooter is a zero-emissions vehicle and uses a lithium-ion battery pack supplied by Toshiba. Honda says that the EV-neo can be charged to 80% capacity off of a 200V quick charger in 20 minutes, or in four hours off of a 100-110 V household outlet. Create sense of urgency to give them the impression they should act right away.FEATURED TEMPLATEContemporary design with six images and key info table. Honda has said that the EV-neo forms the basis of their design strategy for personal mobility products for the future in support of low carbon transportation globally.

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