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By clicking on "BUILD IT" it is possible to use "Perfect Car", a virtual car builder that allows you to select your packages, options, colors, etc. And then there is The Transporter franchise which, it was announced earlier this year, is to be extended with a second trilogy. For someone with a head like a potato and a Michael Caine-like inability to do any voice other than the one God gave him, Mr Statham has done pretty well out of Hollywood. This is an important proviso, because Statham’s range – the gamut of which is fully covered in The Transporter movies – consists dressing like an undertaker, driving very fast, and kicking people in the face. If Statham was tempted to adopt the Method technique when working on The Transporter films, we can be confident that he reasoned that the core of Frank Martin’s inner motivation is that he is a man who likes to drive very fast and kick people in the face.
Given what Statham does with the cars – driving them off multi-storey carparks, across rooftops, straddling alleys, off bridges into lakes, into the back of moving trains, and so on – his definition of respect is obviously fairly flexible.
In the first film, his car is a 1999 BMW E38 753i, a vehicle with a set of firsts to its name.
Cross about this, Jason then kicks a lot of gangsters in the face, and drives off in a stolen Mercedes W140.
In the sequels, Jason opts for the top of the line W12 model of the 6-litre Audi A8, which he starts out by driving much more sensibly, because (in Transporter 2) he is ferrying a small boy around. For Transporter 3, Jason is back in France, but sticking with the A8, though it is an armoured 2008 post-facelift model. These weren’t much help to Jason, since the special feature of his car – modified by the villain – is that if he moves more than 75 feet away from it, a metal bracelet will blow him, and the Russian oligarch’s daughter he is transporting, up.
Luckily for him, and the movie’s plot, he manages to get back in the driver’s seat, only to get chased all the way from Germany to Bucharest by hitmen in a black Mercedes, which Jason finally succeeds in forcing over a cliff edge. This may be a fine testament to the Audi’s resilience, but it is nothing compared with what the car has to go through at the film’s climax, when it is driven off a bridge into a lake.
It goes without saying that you shouldn’t try any of this yourself, even if you happen to own one of these fine cars: you are not Jason Statham. This site uses cookies to enhance your experience and by continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The achievements of the Toyota designers and engineers tasked with producing the Yaris are put into even sharper relief when you consider that its predecessor was the less than impressive Starlet. The Yaris is too new for any significant faults to emerge, and being a Toyota, it's likely to remain a long time until they do.
The availability of the larger 1.3-litre engine broadens the appeal of the range considerably, giving the Yaris superior mileage covering abilities. Dennis Buyacar Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD (GB09151058) (FRN:667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You should Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. These will be written and produced by their creator, the French film-maker Luc Besson, but there is, alas, no word yet on whether they will feature Jason Statham, who starred as Frank Martin, the eponymous hero of the first three movies. Films in which he has starred have grossed more than $1 billion, which may very well make him the most bankable British actor currently working.
He has, of late, taken to stripping off his black jacket and tie and white shirt before kicking people in the face, but this remains his basic modus operandi, as thoroughly self-contained and all-encompassing in its way as Constantin Stanislavski’s celebrated Method.

The series, produced between 1994 and 2001, introduced xenon headlights (that completely blind anyone coming in the opposite direction) and were the first European cars with integrated sat-nav. This car, one of the S-class, offered a number of innovative safety features, such as side airbags, Brake Assist and Mercedes’ Electronic Stability Program, a computer-aided system which helped to stabilise the vehicle in tricky driving conditions. This included helpful features such as Side Assist and Lane Assist, which warned of cars in the blind spot and put on the indicators if you forgot to.
You might imagine this would cramp Jason’s style when it came to face-kicking, but you’d be mistaken. After being submerged for a while, he gets it back to the surface and in working order in time to chase the baddies, who have abandoned the roads for a suburban train.
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Winner of the 2000 European Car of the Year award, it manages to combine frankly amazing packaging with sparkling driveability and pert good looks.
This model finally became a black hole in summer 1999, whereupon the Yaris rapidly became the brightest star in the supermini universe. The short, stubby body is deceptively wide, giving front seat passengers far more room than they'd expect from such a small car.
Some functions of the site may not be useable or the site may not look correct until you enable javascript. He is one of our greatest character actors, as long as the character he is playing is Jason Statham.
The recurring motif of the trilogy is that The Transporter is a man who lives by rules (leaving aside that the plot of each film is always predicated on his having to break them). Over the course of the three films he drives several, but with the exception of a Lamborghini in Transporter 2, most are powerful, but understated, top-end road cars, rather than flashier Ferraris, McLaren F1s or Bugatti Veyrons. The flagship 750 model had been James Bond’s car two years earlier, in Tomorrow Never Dies.
Usefully, it also had an Adaptive Damping System to bolster the shock absorbers when the car was being driven aggressively, which is the only way Jason knows how to drive. In fact he does more of it than ever, though he is at one point reduced to riding a BMX bike to chase his car when someone steals it. Jason, not in the least put off by this turn of events, crashes his car through the back of the train, kicks a lot of people in the face and then slaps his explosive bracelet on the main villain, before reversing the car out again, and on to the tracks.
It's a car that is genuinely difficult to pick fault with and as a used buy is one of the most bulletproof purchases it's possible to make. Yet fuel consumption doesn't suffer too greatly (the combined consumption figure is 47.8mpg). Statham’s 753i, however, benefited from an upgraded V8 engine which offered a marked increase in torque and 282 hp. In fact, the vehicle makes it to the end of the film in one piece, since he decides to chase the aeroplane the chief villain is fleeing in with the man’s own Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, no doubt reasoning that since its styling was modelled on the B-2 stealth bomber, it would be at home on a runway.
All models and both engine choices are worthwhile and combine the ease and convenience of a citycar with the more relaxed major road manners of a supermini. Cubbies for everything from a mobile phone to tape cassettes are hidden around the cabin and there's a good-sized split-level glovebox, even though most models are fitted with a passenger airbag.

The slick four-speed automatic transmission available on the 1.3-litre model makes nose-to-tail work almost pleasurable. It's a long time since received wisdom held that Toyota spares were some of the costliest around. Unfortunately, it was blown up at a French petrol station by a briefcase he had been asked to transport. The larger engine also enabled Toyota to offer the Yaris with an automatic transmission option. Possibly the only objective downside to the Yaris is the quality of some of the trim and fitments.
Whilst they're well-designed, they lack the solid integrity of those in, say, a Skoda Fabia. Other variations included the single-spec Yaris Verso with its more versatile bodyshape (introduced in early 2000) and the potent Yaris T Sport (introduced in Spring 2001). Whichever Yaris you choose, from the moment you sit in the driver's seat it's obvious this is no ordinary little car.
The Yaris range was facelifted in early 2003 with revised headlamps, tail lights, front grille and bumpers. There is no traditional dashboard; in fact you're left wondering where all the instruments are until you turn on the ignition. Practicality, reliability and value for money are what are important to city dwelling drivers. Then you'll notice the central binnacle which houses an F1-style digital LED display - something that's seldom seen on road cars, and certainly never previously seen on an affordable little hatchback like this.
A new 1.3-litre engine was introduced and, in line with the majority of the Toyota range, out went the GLS, SR, S trim levels and in came designations such as T2, T3 and T Spirit. An all new and considerably bigger Yaris arrived to replace this model at the beginning of 2006. All models have a trip computer that provides information on fuel consumption, average speed and range or external temperature. Equipment levels are high: twin airbags are standard on all but the entry-level S version, while the range-topping five-door-only CDX comes with a CD player and air conditioning. No matter what equipment level chosen, the space available leaves you scratching your head in puzzlement. With a bodyshell 150mm shorter than a typical Fiesta-type Supermini, it's hardly any larger than a tiny city runabout. Thanks to a sliding rear bench seat, there's more head and legroom front and rear than in any Supermini rival.

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