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The first and the foremost thing lender’s take into consideration is the income of the borrower. Apart from the cash flows, borrower’s credit score also plays a major role in rejection or accepting loan application.
In addition to above factors, there are few other points taken into account such as an age of the applicant, remaining job years, type of job, relationship with the bank etc.
You can give single document for both Photo ID and Address Proof such as Passport Copy, but a copy of PAN card is must. Usually, the above-mentioned list of documents is sufficient to get loan approval but the bank may ask for any other documents also. The cost of taking a personal loan is very high and sometimes becomes cumbersome task to bear the cost, so it is advised to go for a personal loan only at the time of utter need.
This is a Gues Post written by Rakesh Jain, who is working in a private bank and blogs frequently. is started by Sanyam Jain, a commerce student who loves to share his knowledge and believe on “Sharing is Caring”.
An amortization schedule is a list of payments for a mortgage or loan, which shows how each payment is applied to both the principal amount and the interest. This spreadsheet-based calculator creates an amortization schedule for a fixed-rate loan, with optional extra payments. Start by entering the total loan amount, the annual interest rate, the number of years required to repay the loan, and how frequently the payments must be made. The payment frequency can be annual, semi-annual, quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.
The Commercial Version allows you to use this spreadsheet in your loan or financial advisory business.
The header includes a place for the borrower's name and your company info: View Screenshot. The Vertex42 logo and copyright are outside the print area so that they don't show up when you print the schedule.
This spreadsheet provides a more advanced way to track actual payments than the Payment Schedule included in the standard Loan Amortization Schedule.
Usually, the interest rate that you enter into an amortization calculator is the nominal annual rate. Basic amortization calculators usually assume that the payment frequency matches the compounding period.
Some loans in the UK use an annual interest accrual period (annual compounding) where a monthly payment is calculated by dividing the annual payment by 12. There are two scenarios in which you could end up with negative amortization in this spreadsheet (interest being added to the balance).
A loan payment schedule usually shows all payments and interest rounded to the nearest cent. When an amortization schedule includes rounding, the last payment usually has to be changed to make up the difference and bring the balance to zero. With this template, it is really quite simple to handle arbitrary extra payments (prepayments or additional payments on the principal). If you are on your last payment or the normal payment is greater than (1+rate)*balance, then pay (1+rate)*balance, otherwise make the normal payment. Some of the questions I have had regarding mortgages and just loans in general have had to do with whether it is a good idea to make extra payments on the principal. Calculate the difference in total interest paid on a mortgage loan when making additional monthly payments. Since creating this spreadsheet, I've created many other calculators that let you include extra mortgage payments. Disclaimer: This spreadsheet and documentation on this page are meant for educational purposes only. Manufacturing units will be allowed to sell their products through retail and e-commerce: Jaitley. The author is a Chartered Accountant and loves to write about Personal Finance, Wealth Management, Taxation etc. Disclaimer - The articles on this website is for informational and knowledge purposes and should not be treated as financial advice, Please consult your financial advisor before taking any investment decision. Credit Restoration also commonly referred to as Credit Repair is the process of removing incorrect or inaccurate items from an individual’s credit report.
Many consumers are looking for companies who can help rebuild credit and erase negative items from their credit reports.

This sounds complex, and what is even more confusing is when researching the subject online there are dozens of varying definitions. Although the exact mathematical formula has not been released to the public because of its proprietary nature, the five general categories that make up the FICO score have been made available. The key is to focus on the major categories which are Payment History and Amount of Debt Owed. The 3 credit bureaus that collect all credit data and report your score and personal information to lenders are Equifax, Transunion and Experian. Once your credit score is calculated and assessed by the lender you fall into one of many general categories that allow lenders to make quick decisions on how to treat you as a risk.
The challenge is that three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and Transunion) are not really helpful to the consumer when it comes to verifying credit reports. Credit report monitoring services watch your credit activity for you and alert to any unusual or suspicious activity on your credit, based on your typical buying habits, consumer behavior and payment history. Credit report monitoring or simply referred to as credit monitoring is a service offered to consumers that both monitors credit activity and in most cases creates alerts the consumer to any unusual or suspicious activity.  The goal is help with the early detection of identity theft and fraud.
These services are typically offered on a month by month basis, and all three major credit bureaus have services they offer, as well as other private companies.  In addition to the monitoring most also give the consumer free credit scores and free credit reports, plus explanations of what factors are helping or hurting their creditworthiness.
The concepts themselves are not that complicated; however, the legality and bureaucracy behind them are. If you would like to speak with one of our specialists about enrolling in a particular program, or just need some help deciding which solution is right for you, feel free to call us at (888) 586-7099 or complete the form on our CONTACT page.
The amount of money you intend to pay on your own that is not covered by the loan you will be taking from a bank. The coverage type you select determines the level of protection offered by your insurance policy. This is a discount that is offered by your insurance provider if you have not made a claim on your existing insurance policy for a certain number of years. Being one of the quickest loans, personal loans become handy when it comes to financial urgency. Income together with the living expenses decides the repayment capacity of the borrower and the rate at which the loan will be granted is thoroughly based on this. Credit Score is a journal of borrower’s payment history of various dues and delinquencies he made while paying any dues such Medical bills, credit card dues and other financial obligations. Along with Photo ID, Address Proof is also required to furnish which can be a copy of passport, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Ration Card, Latest Telephone Bill, Latest Electricity Bill etc. Income Proof which includes Form 16 of Last 2 years, IT Return of last 3 years and Salary Slip of last 6 months. In case the applicant is self-employed, the documents including audited balance sheet of last 3 years, Income Tax Returns of last 3 years, Service Tax or Sales Tax Return, Business Registration Document, Registered Office Address etc.
Many banks offer the online facility for applying Personal Loan for example Axis bank grants personal loan via Mobile Application.
Personal loans are personal in nature, so there is no need to disclose the reason of taking it to the banks.
Personal Loan comes with varied tenures and interest rates to choose best, according to your need. He writes article on Taxation, Financial Planning, Investment and give reviews on IPO and Insurance Schemes. The schedule shows the remaining balance still owed after each payment is made, so you know how much you have left to pay. Then you can experiment with other payment scenarios such as making an extra payment or a balloon payment. You can also make multiple copies of the Schedule worksheet within the same workbook, to compare different loans and scenarios.
It can be used to estimate a payment schedule for a Simple Interest Loan or Simple Interest Mortgage, in which the interest accrues daily in a separate interest accrual account. It allows you to create a payment schedule for a fixed-rate loan, with optional extra payments and an optional interest-only period.
However, when creating an amortization schedule, it is the interest rate per period that you use in the calculations, labeled rate per period in the above spreadsheet.
In that case, the rate per period is simply the nominal annual interest rate divided by the number of periods per year. If you have had similar questions, please feel free to download the Extra Mortgage Payments Calculator for Excel and read the rest of this page.
There are currently 300+ comments raised in last few months, for which I need to send the response.

Credit repair can also encompass adding good credit items and building a positive credit profile. If the credit bureaus cannot verify that the information is indeed correct, by law, those items must be removed.
Credit monitoring can help with early detection of identity theft, letting you know to respond more quickly to any activity that is outside the norm or any suspicious changes in your credit. Additionally, in today’s environment a certain degree of technology is helpful in expediting and making the process more efficient.
All interest rates, amounts and terms are based on a personal simulation by you and your assumptions of same. Comprehensive : Covers damage of your car as a result of fire, theft and damage (inclusive of third party damages).
Although, family and friends are there to offer you their best support, but everyone has their own personal obligations to look out for and their contribution may not be sufficient to fulfil you requirement. In case the borrower is a high earner, but his expenses are also high than he may get a loan at high interest and vice-versa. The credit score of 750 is considered good and can be obtained from CIBIL by paying minimum charges.
This information is asked to make sure that the account is operative as well as to ascertain the monthly cash flows. To create an amortization schedule using Excel, you can use our free amortization calculator which is able to handle the type of rounding required of an official payment schedule. Make sure to read the related blog article to learn how to pay off your loan earlier and save on interest.
When the compound period and payment period are different (as in Canadian mortgages), a more general formula is needed (see my amortization calculation article).
The way to simulate this using our Amortization Schedule is by setting both the compound period and the payment frequency to annual. The second is if you choose a compound period that is shorter than the payment period (for example, choosing a weekly compound period but making payments monthly). Changing the Payment Amount makes more sense to me, and is the approach I use in my spreadsheets. For fixed-rate loans, this reduces the balance and the overall interest, and can help you pay off your loan early.
The main difference is that with a savings plan (or other similar investment), the cash is more readily available. Please consult your financial advisor or lending institution before making any final financial decisions. These credit agencies will admit that there are errors in the credit report but they also state that it is not their responsibility to fix them. With identity theft and Internet fraud on the rise, many and more people are turning to credit monitoring as a way to combat online threats. Solid credit repair companies have state of the art technology and the understating of consumer laws to quickly and effectively dispute discrepant items on the consumer’s credit report. Since Personal Loan is an unsecured loan, the lender takes due diligence while granting the loan. You can use the free loan amortization schedule for mortgages, auto loans, consumer loans, and business loans. Many loan and amortization calculators, especially those used for academic or illustrative purposes, do not do any rounding.
So, depending on how your lender decides to handle the rounding, you may see slight differences between this spreadsheet, your specific payment schedule, or an online loan amortization calculator.
But, the normal payment remains the same (except for the last payment required to bring the balance to zero - see below).
You may need to change this option if you are trying to match the spreadsheet up with a schedule that you received from your lender.
He has proposed to increase the tax rate to 20% and increase the period of holding ( to qualify as Long Term) from 12 months to 36 months. If you are a small private lender, you can download the commercial version and use it to create a repayment schedule to give to the borrower. This spreadsheet rounds the monthly payment and the interest payment to the nearest cent, but it also includes an option to turn off the rounding (so that you can quickly compare the calculations to other calculators).

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