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Using online portal for SBI home loan, all you need to do is visit the official website of SBI and locate for home loan section there you will find a ‘Apply Now Online’ button which will take you to the application form.
On receiving your online Home loan application, SBI will process your loan request and validate your data in four different stages.
On receiving loan application, SBI will verify the details of the customer on all 4 parameters mentioned above and intimate the customer via email. Other than the home loan portal, SBI is also working to incorporate a property search feature which will help you search the properties which are already approved by SBI for Home Loan.
If you are searching for an online home loan calculator from State bank of India, and please be informed that the SBI home loan calculator which is available on their website is a very crude and trivial form of home loan calculator. This web page easing doesn’t figure in the Google search for the term “SBI home loan calculator”.
Instead of using official SBI home loan calculator, we would recommend you to find out the current applicable interest rates on the home loans provided by SBI and then use any of the online calculators for calculating the amortization schedule.
This customized SBI home loan calculator will help you a great deal to plan your finances for the repayment of your home loan. SBI Maxgain: this home loan is granted as an overdraft facility with the added flexibility operate your home loan account like your saving bank or current account.
SBI Realty: it is a home loan for watches of plot of land or construction of a dwelling unit. SBI home equity: this is a specialized home loan scheme is launched to grant personal loans to the bank home loan customers against the security of their house property. NRI home loans: these home loans are provided to non-resident Indians and persons of Indian origin living abroad. Sahyog Niwas: this scheme has been instituted to finance the self Help groups with a good track record of payment record for two years, four on lending to members for housing in rural areas. For the home loan seekers from SBI, we would again like to remind you that the online SBI home loan calculator, might not be serving your requirement to know the details of your SBI home loan and will not be able to create an amortization schedules for you. Sir, I would like to know whether you are giving home loan to the extent of 80% of agreement value of the flat in Mumbai, and in addition to this you are also giving loan against stamp duty and registration charges paid to state govt.

DisclaimerLots of approximations and assumptions have been made while developing the calculators.
Ratebusters Home Loans Comparison table clearly shows how our home loan rate compares to the big 4 banks. Interest rates shown in the table above were last updated 9th August 2016 and are updated weekly. If your'e looking for one of the cheapest loans around take a look at our loan comparison chart below. When comparing home loan rates, Ratebusters standard variable rate proves it's long term commitment to remaining highly competitive against the banks. If bank finds the customer is eligible to get the loan, SBI will send the loan sanction letter with digital signatures to the respective customer via email. Stay tuned to Fingyan by following Fingyan Official Facebook Page and sign up for our free newsletter. The web page on the State bank of India official website of State bank of India, on which SBI home loan calculator is available, is not easily searchable. You can also use the amortization schedule template available on this website for free download.
This calculator, downloaded freely from this website, is also has the provision to calculate the effects of additional payments – either in the form of lump-sum payments or in the form of additional monthly payments along with the EMI due. It has several options and offers for home loan seekers at attractive interest rates and suit for all needs and requirements. It does minimizes your interest costs by enabling you to park your surplus funds in the SBI account. All home loan customers with a satisfactory repayment period of at least one year and who maintained a saving bank account or current account with SBI can avail this facility. All non-resident Indians holding a valid Indian passport or persons of Indian origin holding a foreign passport with minimum employment tenure in India or abroad of two years are eligible for getting an SBI home loan under this category.
As a non-bank lender, our standard variable home loan rate has proven to consistantly challenge the banks.

Ratebusters standard variable home loan rate has proven to be consistantly lower than the big 4 banks. Not only are our home loan rates competetive compared to the big 4's variable rate, but we give their fixed rates a run for their money too! Simply research yourself by reviewing the details of our award winning products, call a helpdesk consultant if you need help at any time, then apply online.
On successful submission of home loan application form, you will get a Ticket number for your reference and a list of documents which bank will ask you to submit before disbursing the loan amount. This sanction letter is like a physical copy of loan sanction letter which you get from bank on applying loan.
This loan calculator template will allow you to calculate the amount of each monthly payment and also calculate the value of the interest component and the principal repayment component which constitute the total monthly payment, also called EMI. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees, and cost savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the Comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan.
SBI has designed this online home loan portal to facilitate its customers to get there home loan approved online i.e without visiting SBI bank branch. You can anytime visit your nearest SBI bank branch ( Which you have selected at the time of filling application form) for the disbursement of loan amount approved by the bank. You can have a look at the following image of SBI Home loan calculator available on the official website. Currently this facility is under construction but once it gets activated it will make you apply for SBI home loan online i.e from anywhere anytime.

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