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Check out just how much you save on the car of your choice with our Novated Lease Calculator.
We will be able to provide a tailored estimate of your weekly savings based on the car of your choice, lease term and other basic details. With a few simple clicks, explore how our flexible driving solutions can help you no matter what you drive, or want to drive. This is your gross annual wage, including any regular bonus or commission payments, less any other salary packaging arrangements you have in place.
The approximate weekly cost is the reduction in your take home pay to lease the vehicle type indicated. Annual savings have been calculated by comparing the total cost to run the selected vehicle from after tax pay compared to a salary packaging arrangement. Please note that because you have Javascript disabled, the menu and other features on this site may be unusable. Car loan repayment calculator car finance calculator, Esanda car loan repayment calculator provides car loan repayment details repayments with our car loan repayment calculator.

Novated lease calculator & car salary sacrificing finder, Calculate what your repayments will be if how accurate is the novated lease calculator car lease calculator. To get a free Novated Lease quote use the calculator on the right or call 1300 34 33 88 now. Whether you’re an employer looking for a rewarding benefit for employees or an employee looking for an all-inclusive salary packaging option a Fleetcare novated lease is for you. Novated leasing has a whole range of other advantages including a simple monthly repayment covering fuel, insurance, servicing and other running costs. You can also avoid the stressful, time consuming process of heading to car dealerships on the weekends or after work and doing battle with the salesmen. Enter the percentage of your kilometres driven which are directly attributable to business usage. Compare payments between a Personal Loan and a Novated Lease, different makes and models, and watch your estimated savings stack up.
That's why at Fleetcare we promise you up-front transparency, no pushy salesmen, just good advice, great attention to detail and genuine value for money.

A novated lease is a salary packaging option which lets you pay for a new or used car from your pre-tax salary.
You also have the flexibility of nominating the terms of your lease and take advantage of Fleetcare’s discounted rates on insurance, tyres and more, right across Australia.
Just tell us which car you want and we’ll get you the best price through our dealer network connections and negotiating power. There are a number of tax benefits you gain from a novated lease including but not limited to income tax savings, GST savings on the vehicle purchase price, fuel cards and servicing costs.

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