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View our complimentary whitepapers aimed to provide you with core insights into the vehicle and fleet industry position, including solid viewpoints from professional industry leaders and packed full of tips on fleet management best practices. Some dealerships will promote the use of leasing merely as a way to provide a lower payment for a car you typically would never fit within your budget. Even so, leasing remains an attractive alternative to buying a new vehicle for many motorists.
Some of the sweetest car lease deals have dried up -- especially since automakers began offering zero-percent and low-rate financing to entice buyers. Half of all luxury cars are still leased, as are more than 20 percent of vehicles in general.

If you plan on driving the vehicle within your allowable mileage allowance leasing may be your best option.
For most consumers, leasing a new vehicle every two or three years would be more expensive than buying one and keeping it after the final payment. Other consumers are quite content to lease a vehicle they could never afford to buy, even if it doesn't necessarily save money. YES, a Novated lease could be just be what you need to save tax and put more money in your pocket.
Leasing brings all of your true automotive cost like depreciation to the surface as your monthly payment.

Leasing has two principal benefits: (1) You can drive a newer vehicle that is always under warranty and seldom needs more than routine maintenance, and (2) you can often get a larger, more luxurious, better-equipped car.
In a couple of days you could have pen poised over an lease and novation agreement, that says youa€™re going to get a new car and your friendly Government will allow your car expenses to be paid (like your Super) before the line where your taxable income begins, and they wona€™t include the GST either. If thata€™s what the piece of paper says, you are definitely looking at a Novated Lease Agreement.

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