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When someone is self-employed or runs a small business, obtaining a car loan can be made difficult by red tape. Anyone who is missing documents like tax returns or final account summaries, or simply doesn’t feel comfortable sharing said documents with their bank, might find a low or no doc car loan is the ideal solution. Business owners who obtain car finance with a low or no doc loan are able to claim tax deductions and GST benefits if they are an ABN holder. Many businesses don’t have their finances up to date, but accessing finance through AAA is one fast way of getting facts and figures up to speed. Businesses that have struggled to secure a car loan in the past will find it much easier by working with AAA’s no or low doc loan system.
By offering options like chattel mortgages, applicants also have the option of leveraging a vehicle against their financing, offering them extra security. This balloon amount could even be refinanced at the end of the low doc car loan term, allowing you even more financial flexibility. Contacting an AAA Finance specialist is an excellent first step to obtaining a desired vehicle.
By gauging the amount you wish to borrow, the term of the low doc car loan and an approximate interest rate, this calculator will tell you just how much you are likely to be paying each month.
Comprehensive car insurance is a requirement of all car loan financiers, and AAA Finance offers a range of car insurance products. Other insurance products that can protect your car include extended warranties, as well as and tyre and rim insurance. Others include loan protection insurance, which keeps you safe against an unforeseeable loss of income, which could be due to accident or illness.
These types of insurance don’t just protect against those specific situations, but they will also be very useful for protecting your credit rating in the unlikely event that any of the situations occur. With so many benefits available, the no or low doc car loan is a must-try for anyone who finds themselves in a situation where traditional lending is out of reach. For anyone who want to make further inquiries, you can fill out one of our simple online forms, or just give one of our finance experts a call on 07 5493 1222.
If you are looking to purchase a caravan and you need to find the best rates, where are you going to find them. If you are looking for a car loan then you may have to search different places to get the best rate for you. If you want to purchase a boat but you aren’t sure exactly how to do so then you may want to consider your options of getting a boat loan and think about the rates that might be available to you.
Welcome to 1800 Loans, the place for information and links to source great boat loans, caravan loans, finance to buy a jetski, yacht finance and commercial car finance even if you don’t have all the documents required by the bank. To get a cheap jetski loan, you need the savvy skills to manoeuvre around the boat finance scene, know where to go, who to talk to, how to negotiate for the best result. A range of loan products are available to finance yacht purchases and a broker is ideally positioned to advise you which is best suited to your circumstances. If you’re purchasing for business purposes, eg a yacht hire business, then you can consider the range of commercial loan products which are available.

Just because you have the desire to explore the country doesn’t mean you want to spend your time exploring the entire caravan finance world. We’ll give you the information and links to take the short cut to the best caravan loan for your requirements.
One of the sneakiest short cuts to a great caravan loan is to follow the caravan loan calculator.
Don’t think you’re at the end of the car loan road just because you don’t have all the documents that the bank asks for, to complete their car loan application form. There are other options available to you and yes, you can be offered a good car loan deal, even without those documents. Simply fill out your details in the enquiry box and we will get back to you within a few minutes and get your loan approved.
No Doc Car Loans are available to ABN holders who are purchasing vehicles that are being used predominately for business use. No Doc Car loans allow Sole Traders, Partnerships, Trusts, Companies and Organisations to obtain credit without providing financial statements or tax returns.
Self Declaration allows ABN holders including Sole Traders, Partnerships, Companies and Organisations declare an annual turnover to the lender without having to provide proof from financial statements or tax returns. If you have an existing car loan, lenders may consider a replacement no doc car loan without having to provide financial statements or tax returns. They will ask a few qualifying questions to establish if you meet the lenders guidelines for a lo doc car loan. You may need to provide additional documentation such as trust deeds, identification or a car loan ledger if the lender cannot obtain a credit reference from your existing loan. Partner with UsDealership & Retailer Customer Finance Assistance Program - Find out about providing competitive finance options for your customers.
The paperwork needed for car finance is extensive, and it’s generally more difficult to qualify for traditional loans.
At AAA we work with a panel of over 23 lenders, which means a wide range of different car loan options to suit a diverse group of situations.
Anyone in this situation may be able to claim the interest on a car loan as tax-deductible.
Contacting an accountant before moving forward is recommended, as situations may vary between business owners. It removes so much of the red tape that prevents self-employed Australians, business owners, or those without traditional income streams from accessing finance with many lenders.
And with a balloon mortgage scheme, borrowers can secure a repayment plan that allows them to live life as they wish and pay off a larger amount of the principal at the end of the loan period, rather than being constricted by more conventional loan setups.
But for those with even just a passing interest, our car loan calculator is on hand to provide aid in determining exactly what is within reach.
It’s an important tool for planning ahead and making sure you get a car loan that perfectly suits your financial situation. These are essential when taking out a low doc car loan, and protect both your vehicle and the money you borrow.
Whether the problem is big or small, there is likely a type of cover available to make sure your low doc loan and subsequent driving adventures go off without a hitch.

If this is something that you would like to find out more about, get in touch with AAA Finance today. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Many people think that bank car loans are the cheapest option for them but are they really or is there another option that might be cheaper.
No matter what type of boat you are considering buying – power, sail, commercial vessel, ski boat, speed boat, fishing boat, houseboat or family runabout, new or used, there are ‘better’ boat loans to be found when you know where to look. Skiffs to super maxis, new and used, we’ll give you the wind which will fill your sails and power you to a great yacht finance deal. You want to deal with someone who shares your adventurous spirit, understands your circumstances and can deliver you a great caravan finance deal without having to go off the beaten track. It’s an online service which allows you to get an estimate of what you may pay per month on a loan for a caravan. Generally most lenders will require an ABN to be current for at least 12 months, however if the proprietor has had previous industry experience, lenders will accommodate shorter term ABN’s. Generally lenders will consider a 25% increase in repayments without having to confirm income. Businesses registered for GST can also claim the GST portion within the purchase price of a vehicle in their next BAS return. You arranged to call me at home after hours, organised all the paperwork and I had my approval the next day. Some of these options include dealership caravan finance, a caravan loan from the bank, a specialist caravan finance broker and more. The no doc car loans can give you rates with little hassle but there is more to these types of loan rates than that.
Here is some information about bank car loans compared to some other options for a car loan.
There is almost always another option instead of getting a bank loan if that is what you want to consider. Attractive personal loans and commercial finance packages can be offered to people with bad credit for the purchase of all types of boats.
Being online, it can be accessed from anywhere you have online connectivity – from a computer, laptop or mobile device, from whatever location you find yourself in. Replacement credit is subject to the conduct on the existing car loan allowing you to increase your loan amount.
Once received, the broker will source the most appropriate lender suitable to your business structure and requirements, perform background checks and affordability calculations on the income you have declared. Once the application has been approved, they will present you with the loan documents to view and answer any questions you may have and when you have accepted the loan documents, the broker will proceed to settlement and disburse the funds to the supplier.

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