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BB&T offers its clients a free service of financial calculators to help in their decision of how much to borrow, for what term, and if they should refinance.
You can use this calculator to both find out the monthly payment as the final purchase price. Some people choose to use the home equity loan since the interest rates are lower and can be deducted. If you have doubts as whether you should take advantage of low interest financing or a manufacturer rebate, use this calculator to help you to do the best decision. As it already says the name,  this calculator is for those who want to know how much they can spend to buy a new automobile. The average car loan now is longer than 5 years, but should you be paying for an '03 car in 2010? Many new cars today have one feature that is likely to keep running longer than ever before -- their loan payments. While 60-month, or five-year, car loans still are the most popular, sales data now show that one in four car loans are 72 months or longer. The average length of a car loan, which never reached 60 months until a year ago, reached a record 62 months in July , according to Power Information Network, an affiliate of J.D.

But longer loans are not the best idea for many buyers, whose remaining loan balance will exceed the value of the car for a much longer period of time due to the slower build-up of loan equity. But he said the 72-month loans are still only about 6 percent of the financing mix at Ford, and are limited to those with top credit ratings. McKay worries that some buyers are using the longer loans to pay off what they still owe on their trade in as well as make a new car purchase. Consumers may be slipping on the credit card and mortgage bills but a new study finds they're trying to keep up on the car loan.
The weak economy and high unemployment have stretched the budget to the breaking point for many Americans.  Struggling to decide which bills they can pay, a new study finds a surprising number of people will go delinquent on mortgage and credit card bills before lapsing on their monthly car loans. The study looked at 4 million Americans who had at least one open auto loan, one active credit card and at least one open mortgage during 2011.  It found that there was a clear preference for keeping the car loan current, even if that meant falling behind on the other debts. TransUnion suggested there are several reasons why consumers are more worried about falling behind on their car loans. Tags: auto loan delinquency, auto loans, auto news, car loans, car news, consumer debt, consumer loans, home foreclosures, loan delinquency, loan payments, mortgage foreclosures, paul a.
If you find yourself in the same situation, this calculator will show you if this change is the best option.

Use this to find out f you should use a low interest home equity loan to buy your new vehicle. Automakers that once offered 72-month loans as a relatively rare option now are offering below-market rates on those six-year loans as another sales incentive. His bank does about a third of its loans longer than 60 months, including about 4 percent at the 84-month level. An 84-month loan, even at a hefty 8 percent interest rate, produces lower monthly payments than a 60-month loan at 0 percent interest now commonly offered by automakers. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. And in the current interest rate environment, seven-year loans for less than 4 percent are available from some lenders for those with top credit.
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