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As the end of summer nears and dealers discount their 2016 cars to make room for next year's models, shoppers who want to lease could find some hidden bargains.
A blend of timely political commentary, compelling talk and terrific discussions on social issues and lifestyle topics. In 2012, SpiceJet had leased out two of its Boeing 737 aircraft to Jeddah-based NAS Air for two months. New Delhi: SpiceJet Ltd is in talks with a European company to lease out three of its Boeing 737 aircraft, along with crew, during the lean summer months, at a time when its rivals want to expand operations.
Airlines consider leasing out planes to other firms when revenue generated from the aircraft does not cover the cost of operation.
SpiceJet will lease out the three aircraft from its total fleet of 51 between mid-July and September, the first official said. Last year, SpiceJet had leased out two of its Boeing 737 aircraft to Jeddah-based NAS Air for two months. Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has this morning launched legal proceedings against Coles over its alleged treatment of suppliers, in an action that will send shockwaves through the supermarket and grocery sectors.
The competition watchdog alleged that the nationa€™s second biggest supermarket chain engaged in unconscionable conduct in relation to its Active Retail Collaboration (ARC) program, in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law.The ACCC has alleged that in 2011, Coles developed a strategy to improve its earnings by obtaining better trading terms from its suppliers. Colesa€™ target, the ACCC claims, was to obtain $16 million in ARC rebates from smaller suppliers.a€?a€™Coles was ultimately seeking an ongoing ARC rebate in the form of a percentage of the price it paid for the Suppliera€™s grocery products, which, for its smaller suppliers, was the sum of a percentage which Coles asserted was referable to the value to the supplier of being able to access the Coles supplier portal and, where applicable, a percentage based on the asserted value to the supplier for Coles having changed its ordering patterns to order products in a€?economic order quantitiesa€™,a€? the ACCC said in a statement this morning. The ACCC alleges that in relation to 200 of its smaller suppliers, Coles required agreement by the supplier to the rebate within a matter of days.a€?a€™If these suppliers declined to agree to pay the rebate, Coles personnel were allegedly instructed to escalate the matter to more senior staff, and to threaten commercial consequences if the supplier did not agree.

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I will only be answering emails personally while the membership site is being built so take advantage of this limited time opportunity! The key is to understand — and maximize — two little-understood aspects of leasing.It all comes down to finding cars with high resale value and then negotiating a low purchase price. SpiceJet pilots and flight attendants will operate the three aircraft in European and Baltic countries. It is alleged that one of the ways Coles sought to improve its earnings was through the introduction of ongoing rebates to be paid by its suppliers in connection with the Coles ARC program, based on purported benefits to large and small suppliers that Coles asserted had resulted from changes Coles had made to its supply chain. If this conduct is established in court, the ACCC expects that the community will share the ACCCa€™s view that business should not be conducted in this way in Australia,a€? Mr Sims said.a€?When we called for market participants to provide information to the ACCC on a confidential basis to assist the ACCCa€™s investigation, I committed that the ACCC would seek to maintain that confidentiality. Meanwhile, Edmunds data show trucks and SUVs to be the fastest-growing vehicle segment for leasing."This is going to be a fantastic time to lease," says Steven Szakaly, chief economist for the National Automobile Dealers Association. And the vehicles, from a safety and technology perspective, are the best cars ever produced."DEPRECIATION AND LEASINGStill, not all cars are created equal when it comes to leasing, and you need to know how to lease the diamond in the rough.
At the end of three years, the length of a typical lease, one car has lost half its value, $15,000, while the other has lost only $10,000. That, my friend, is the car you want to lease."The biggest component of your lease payment is going to be depreciation — no doubt about that," Hall says.

In lease-speak, this is called the "residual value," which ranges from a low of about 45 percent to a high of 60 percent over three years. Residual values are set by analysts and banks and basically are a prediction of what a new car will be worth at the end of the lease contract.German luxury cars, the top Asian brands and domestic trucks and SUVs are among the categories that hold their value, Hall says.
Many members on his site chose "leftover" Chevrolet Cruzes from the previous model year and got them for next to nothing because of discounts and rebates.WHAT ABOUT ELECTRIC CARS?If you're in the market for an electric car, Szakaly recommends leasing instead of buying — and not, in this case, because of its residual value. For one thing, the technology in EVs will be outdated by the end of the lease and the all-electric range is growing steadily because of advances in battery technology. For another, manufacturers often offer lease-only incentives.LEASING RESOURCESMany shoppers are confused by leasing, so it's important to know where to find solid information to help negotiate a low monthly payment and good terms. Furthermore, it's important to find a car's residual value or, barring that, at least know whether a car has a strong resale value.
Picking a similarly priced car, but one that is good for leasing, could save you $50 a month — $1,800 over a three-year lease, Hall estimates.Automotive sites compile lists of vehicles with strong residual values. If you are interested in a specific car and want to see how it holds its value, check a pricing guide to see what that same car, 3 years old, is now worth, Szakaly suggests.Victoria Xie, also a co-founder of LeaseHackr, says their site's calculator rates lease deals by showing how long it would take for monthly lease payments to total the purchase price of the car.

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