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Yes, I know that this post is long overdue and I should have shouted this from the rooftops last month, but it is better late than never! We were content for a while with paying only the minimum balance, but reality hit me one day after my student loans were sold to Sallie Mae.
It was at that moment that I set out to bring in some extra money to get rid of those loans and that’s precisely why I ventured down the path of becoming a reseller (…the results of this endeavor has been detailed on this blog). As it turns out, I overpaid by $2.13 (hence the negative balance), so Sallie Mae will actually have to write ME a check.
When I first started this blog, I gave myself a timeline of December 2016 to pay off my loans. At the beginning of October, I debated heavily about whether or not to write an income report for the month of September. On one hand, I felt it necessary to write an income report since September was our best month on record for 2015, but on the other hand, I feel as though this blog has become nothing more than an “income report” blog as of the past couple of months and that is not what I wanted or originally intended to happen. Additionally, I have many unanswered comments and there are weeks that go by where I forget to tend to this blog.
I believe that I have proven that it is possible to earn a part-time income online through either eBay or Amazon FBA and that you don’t need much money to get started. Hubby and I pray about every step that we take and the direction we go next is still unclear. Since September, Hubby and I have been brainstorming about venturing into the liquidation arena on a larger scale.
Going forward, it will take much more organization and better inventory management systems, but liquidation is currently a business model that is working for us and we a researching additional ways to expand and connect with buyers outside of selling online.
I appreciate everyone that followed along and offered words of encouragement along the way. This may be the end of my student loan journey, but it’s not the end of our journey towards financial independence.
I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, whether it is via thrifting, garage sales, retail arbitrage, or even an estate sale.

Monthly Student Loan ContributionsMy goal is to consistently reach paying an extra $500 per month on my student loans through the income I earn online. My Favorite Reselling BlogsBelow are some of my favorite places to visit on the web that focus on re-selling on Amazon or eBay too! We knew before getting married and becoming parents that I would stay at home to raise any children that we had, but I was unsettled at the fact that as I left the workforce, I still had over $14k in student loans that needed to be repaid and I had no income (outside of my husband’s) to pay it off.
I honestly believe that these loans could have been paid off months ago, but we (…actually Hubby) kept pushing the date forward.
I knew that we could knock out my loans if we would just stop investing our profits back into more inventory.
Right around the end of September I knew that we were close to reaching those personal and business financial benchmarks. What I do know is that we will continue to re-sell part-time – especially now that we’ve entered into the fourth quarter (Q4). Since I began this student loan payoff journey, my credit score has increased by over 100 points.
I sincerely appreciate every comment, email, Facebook message and phone call (:)) as a result of sharing my reselling and student loan payoff journey.
Despite almost $100,000 in student loans, I have a credit score over 750 because of the knowledge I gained from those forums. I'm a stay at home mom that got sick and tired of her student loans and decided to do something about it to get rid of them as fast as possible. Yes, I'm one of "those" people -- and I intend to use the funds from my part-time pursuits to pay off Sallie Mae -- hopefully before the end of 2016. They estimated that if I only paid the minimum balance each month, I would pay off my loans in 2023.
At first, we agreed to pay off my loans back in April 2015 and then April turned into May and May into…well, you get the point. I do not have the ability to put full-time hours into re-selling, but I was blessed to be able to eliminate $14k in student loans in approximately 19 months by taking things slowly.

According to our year-to-date financials, over 50% of our sales consisted of liquidated merchandise. My husband believes that we can knock in out in less than 6 years, however, he doesn’t want to knock it out over time but all at once.
That would mean that my daughter would be 10 years old when I made my last student loan payment.
It is by far the #1 contributor as to how we are able to consistently sell over 2,000 products a month. We want to pay it off for the mental benefits, but then we also understand that it’s not the best financial decision. I haven’t wanted to commit to a blog of my own yet but think a guest post or two could be a good way to test out the waters. There’s absolutely no way I could source that much product on my own on a part-time basis.
In any instance, if you are interested, feel free to contact me, otherwise, congratulations on being student loan free!
Our end goal is NOT to be reliant on Amazon or any other 3rd party platform as a business model.
We want to invest in building our own businesses and that is going to require an above average credit score on my end. Now that the $14k Sallie Mae giant is off of my back, I can begin to tackle those other dings that have lingered on my credit report.

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