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What did not make as much noise in the press is that their rate was then matched almost immediately by Westpac and NAB.
Variable rates: you should be paying less than 5% on Variable rate, so make sure you look at your loans this weekend (or right now…) and make sure they are. For example under a fixed rate you cannot generally pay much extra into the loan, if you do you can pay a significant penalty fee – make sure you understand what  you are signing up for and what the limitations are. Don’t jump into a fixed rate loan without considering your potions, eg maybe a 3 year fixed rate loan is better for you. Definitely consult a professional who understands what the lenders options are and listens what you want to achieve and then gives some solutions that ate best for you.

I am passionate about assisting clients to make informed decisions & understand their mortgage and how to make it work for them. Recent PostsInterest Rate Cuts – It’s all in the marketing May 8, 20150Time to make your New Year resolutions & take some action!
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Get the update by connecting your phone to your computer with the USB cable and starting the Zune software on a PC or Windows Phone 7 connector if you have a Mac. When we broke news and images of the Zune HD back in April, we were more than a little excited. Generally speaking when the fixed rate are near or below the variable rate you are getting a good deal.

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