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CIBC Mortgage Calculator - with Amortization ScheduleMortgage calculator includes down payment, CMHC insurance, property taxes and amortization .
Refinancing Home Mortgages CanadaTo determine for yourself if it is time to refinance, click here and access our refinance calculator. Refinance Your Mortgage - RBC Royal BankVisit RBC Royal Bank to see how refinancing your mortgage can help you meet your .
All of the major personal personal experts, including my personal favourite, Gail Vaz-Oxlade say you shouldn’t spend more than 35% of your net (not gross) income on housing. So the first step in figuring out how much house I can afford is to figure out how much my husband and I are going to be making in five years. Fortunately offers a handy estimator for these items in their mortgage payment calculator. By increasing my downpayment to $40,000, a $1,344 payment will cover a $325,000 mortgage, which is a little closer to where I want to be. Finally, you might be thinking a $40,000 downpayment, then why do you want to save $45,000 – $50,000?
According to their estimations I’ll need another $6,200 on top of my $40,000 downpayment for closing costs. If it only takes me 2-3 years, then I would be more likely to choose to spend another year or two saving the rest.
Me and my boyfriend are saving for a downpayment and we want to buy a house around $250, 000-$275, 000. G and I are in the middle of crunching numbers as well to see how much mortgage we could afford to take on.
Yeah I read his article too, which made me feel better about wanting to become a homeowner by 30. I actually used one of Tangerine’s Rent Translator calculator to determine what I think we can afford. Great post — I love that you emphasized net not gross when it comes to setting your budget, as I think that’s something many people miss! In my family’s case, the house price depended on how much we were willing to pay for. Six (6) canadian mortgage calculators ready to use on your website or as stand alone applications for your personal computer. Free Mortgage Home Loan Amortization CalculatorFree Excel home loan amortization calculator to create an amortization . ARM Calculator - Free Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator for ExcelUse the adjustable rate mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payments over time. Mortgage amortization excel pmi - Recent - Informer Technologies, Inc.Excel Loan Amortization Calculator Template Software. Excel short circuit calculation xls - Recent - Informer Technologies, Inc.Feature-rich mortgage amortization app.
Extra Payment Mortgage Calculator for ExcelExtra Payment Mortgage Calculator - How much interest can you save by making extra mortgage payments? Amortization Calculator Excel at Negative Software InformerDownload Negative Amortization Calculator Excel at Negative Informer: .
Free Canadian Mortgage Calculator for ExcelDownload a free Canadian Mortgage Calculator spreadsheet in Excel specifically for Canada mortgage interest rates.

When considering purchasing a home it can be overwhelming, knowing what your payments are can help you during negotiations. When considering purchasing a home it can be overwhelming, knowing what you can afford can help you during negotiations. You won’t be let down when searching for homes, as you will be searching within your price limit. Comments Bissy: The TD travel center has been replaced by a 3rd party and the prices are not as good.
This keeps the rest of your income freed up for other important things like saving and debt repayment.
The trouble is, I’m not planning on buying a house for four or five years, and predicting our income at that time is a little dicey. They think that, like rent, the mortgage payment is the only thing they need to worry about when buying a house. I played around with this calculator for awhile and found a mortgage payment and utilities amount that equalled $2,050. But in the mean time, this gives us a good baseline to shoot for, which is all I need at this point. If I put $40,000 down, that would be 12%, and my mortgage insurance premium would be $6,840. If it takes me 4-5 years to save $45,000, then I’ll probably be itching for a house too much to save the whole 20%. Currently we own a golden retriever in a condo and well, that’s not the best situation for a dog. I was going to ask you about mortgage insurance and if you had plans to avoid having to pay that, but I see you’ve already covered it in the comments section.
I have to say though, anything we come up with just doesn’t seem realistic for buying property in Toronto.
Halifax is great, it vibrancy and culture but housing is about half the price of Toronto and a third of Vancouver. Gross income is just a vanity number, it serves absolutely no purpose when it comes to budgeting.
Good personal finance spreadsheets are hard to find on the web because sploggers monopolize the search results. It allows Canadians to easily calculator mortgage payments, land transfer tax, and much more.
The Canadian Mortgage and Household Corporation (CMHC) has developed a great mortgage affordability calculator.
Here’s how I came to these numbers and why you should think long and hard about how much home you can afford before committing to a budget. I stuck to this rule when apartment hunting two months ago (my husband’s new job brings us in at 36%, almost perfect) and I plan to stick to it for house hunting. While it’s true your mortgage payment is the most significant expense, the other line items add up.
In my neighbourhood, I would be limited to condos and townhouses, and what I really want is a house with a yard.
Something to think about, shouldn’t you factor in a monthly amount for maintenance too?

Actually quite a lot of my disposable income because whatever home I buy will likely need many upgrades. In fact, I know a couple who are in the process of selling their condo in Toronto and moving here. Luckily we found a house that ticked all of our must-haves and we ended up with a monthly mortgage payment that was the same with our rent at the time.
You very clearly break down things people need to think about like closing costs and utilities. Download a free ARM calculator for Excel that estimates the monthly payments and amortization schedule for an adjustable rate .
The purpose of the CMHC mortgage affordability calculator is to provide you with realisitc numbers that will help you find the right home, for the amount that you can afford. Assuming my husband and I gross $100,000 a year together, with a tax rate of 30%, we’d end up with $70,000 net per year, or $5,833 per month. Things like insurance, property tax, and utilities and condo fees can jack up the overall cost of your housing. That’s a far cry from the $2,050 number I originally came up with, so I’m glad I knew to factor in all of these extra costs! I believe Gail says you should allocate 2-3% of your home’s value each year for maintenance.
We also want a house that does not need a lot of reparations or housekeeping as we are not the handy type of person. I did well buying comfortably within my income, and while I can afford my utilities, they tripled going from apartment to large older home.
We have created several calculators that are designed to help Canadian consumers in every aspect of there life. The mortgage calculator even includes several scenarios where you can compare several different multiple down payments.
Nothing worse then walking into a house you love but find out later you can’t afford it. We also want a 3 bedrooms house, because we want kids (2 would be great) and we plan to buy something to live 10 years+ if possible. They have two kids and can’t afford a place in Toronto with enough space for them without moving to the suburbs. The mortgage calculator even goes one step further and provides Canadians with different amortization periods. Here they can afford a gorgeous fully detached home near downtown with the proceeds from their two-bed west end condo sale. There were non-financial reasons that made us decide not to pursue further, but since having the mortgage we’ve been paying a lot more to get out of the PMI cycle as soon as possible. Most calculators don’t even go this far, we decided to go one step further and provide you how specific interest rates effect your mortgage payment.

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