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The aluminum-bodied 2016 Ford F-150 continues to be a major player in the full-size-pickup game.
The 2016 Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks (F-250 and F-350) soldier on as ever-dependable workers. The calculator lets you enter information like vehicle price, down-payments, trade in values from your current vehicle, the quoted interest rate on the loan, and term length. By specifying which car you’re purchasing on Edmunds, or by manually entering your anticipated gas mileage, you can find out how much money you would save if you switched to a different, more fuel efficient vehicle.

Sometimes low APR financing rates will be advertised on television or at a dealership to get customers through the door, when in reality these low rates are only offered to those with the best credit scores and worse rates are given to everyone else. Additionally, you should ask your financier about the exact amount of the loan (don’t assume), how many payments you are required to make, and if your loan is subject to additional approval after you leave the car lot.
Tricks can be hidden in the fine print and should be investigated before anything is signed.But once you know which hidden costs and pitfalls to watch out for, a car loan calculator like the ones above can help you be much more prepared for the cost of owning your dream car!
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