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Avant-garde styling and high-tech features are great, but the CT6 sheds the Cadillac clichés in an attempt to best its European rivals. Four or five decades ago, the country-club parking lot would have been considered the natural habitat for any vehicle wearing Cadillaca€™s wreath and crest. Since the 2016 CT6 Platinum AWD with the turbocharged V-6 in our previous test represents the top of the model hierarchy and wears a price approaching $90,000, we thought it prudent to check out a model with a more reasonable buy-in.
Not surprisingly, the first question fielded is from the valet stationed near my drop-off point.
With a few hours to kill until pickup time, I roll toward the city center to explore the CT6 in detail.
Low-speed shift quality also falls short of class leading; one of our drivers even remarked that he experienced severe shudder on downshifts into first gear in normal operation. Hauling the CT6 to a stop from 70 mph required 164 feet at the track, 12 more than required by the V-6 Platinum CT6.
With dusk approaching, we make our way back to the club and park among a small group of men gathered in the front lot. Caddy promises 7-series space and luxury, with agility and efficiency to beat the 5-series. The Lexus LS430 is a car that will appeal to those who dislike the fuddy-duddy, overstuffed image of many luxury cars. Given that a path had already been paved by its predecessor, the LS400, it would be reasonable to assume that the Lexus LS430 would have an easier time mopping up the floating voters in the luxury car market. The LS430 arrived on these shores in November 2000, building on the solid foundations laid by the LS400. This flagship Lexus model carried virtually nothing over from the old LS400 - though you'd be forgiven for not appreciating the fact at first glance. Dennis Buyacar Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD (GB09151058) (FRN:667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. AccuPayment does not state credit or lease terms that are available from a creditor or lessor, and AccuPayment is not an offer or promotion of a credit or lease transaction. But things changed somewhere in the latter half of the 20th century, when the idle rich and the aspirational merely wealthy moved on to European, and later Japanese, marques in search of the exclusivity and status that the domestic offerings seemed to have lost.
Cadillac splits the trim levels of the CT6 into four groups: Base, Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Platinum.
Both the front and the spacious rear seats are comfortable, but the leather feels rather generic.
While sheer speaker count is never an indicator of overall sound quality, in this case the engineers have succeeded. It's a car for those who appreciate attention to detail and a keen focus on the things that really matter. That would be to underestimate the size of the task that faced Toyota's luxury car division at the turn of the century. Chief Engineer Yasushi Tanaka claimed this to be the world's most aerodynamic production car, with a 0.25cd figure equalled only by way-out concept vehicles of the time.
Considering that car cost £53,770 new, that's quite a fair saving on a car that's barely run in.
Toyota were determined to make these cars as faultless and long-lasting as possible and it seems they've succeeded.

Onboard Wi-Fi with 4G LTE is standard, and a large touchscreen offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Looking for the sweet spot in this lineup, wea€™re now reviewing a Luxury trim with the base 265-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder mated to an eight-speed automatic and traditional rear-wheel drive.
Whata€™s it cost?a€? a€?About $70K,a€? I answer, wondering if hea€™ll notice the large and recently de-wreathed logo. Shouldna€™t the drivetrain of Cadillaca€™s biggest sedan make velvety operation its number-one priority regardless of cylinder count or transmission ratios? The touchscreen response of Cadillaca€™s CUE system seems to have improved, but now it comes with a hypersensitive touchpad on the center console that occasionally registered unintended inputs as the driver and passenger adjusted their hands on the center armrest. Not only is the system capable of reproducing clear audio even with the volume control nearly wide open, but the imaging, something most manufacturers sacrifice in the quest for overall volume and overextended bass response, also is superb. If our expectations had been cranked through the roof by the LS400, perhaps it was inevitable that the LS430 would find them hard to match. A combination of the novelty wearing off a credible Japanese luxury challenge and the quantum leaps forward taken by Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW and Audi meant that the LS430 - whilst undoubtedly a better car - fared relatively poorly in comparison to its predecessor. Arriving nearly two years after Mercedes' benchmark sixth-generation S-Class, it was hoped that the LS430 would move the game on in much the same way, but those expecting a big leap forward were disappointed by the car's incremental improvements. This was an astonishing achievement in a class where the average luxury liner was about as slippery as a barn door.
Equal effort was put into improving the handling, another area of criticism for the original LS400. Ostensibly, Ia€™m here to deliver my mother to a social engagement, but really I just wanted to see what the khaki-and-madras types who loiter about the club think about Cadillaca€™s latest (which, it must be noted, doesna€™t even have a wreath). It has 3831 pounds of mass to haul around, 119 pounds lighter than the last BMW 528i we tested and hundreds of pounds lighter than any 7-series or Mercedes-Benz S-class model offered in America. Regardless, shifting for yourself is available via the steering-wheel-mounted paddles, but on this model, Cadillac fits units that are smaller and cheaper-feeling than the deluxe paddles on six-cylinder CT6s. Wea€™d rather theya€™d saved the resources that went into the touchpad and refined the CUE system as a whole into the class-leading infotainment interface it needs to be. In the final reckoning, however, the LS430 offers a winning blend of refinement and luxury for those who just don't do German.
Despite these caveats, if you've the budget and an eye for a bargain, a well looked after Lexus LS430 can make a very fine acquisition.
Part of the problem was that the apart from the front lights and grille, the LS430 closely resembled the rather unloved fifth-generation S-Class and this caused an incorrect impression amongst many buyers that the LS430 was a step behind its contemporaries.
Unlike its obvious rivals (which apart from the Mercedes S-class, principally included BMW's 7 Series, Audi's A8 and Jaguar's XJ V8 Series), there are no other engine or model options, nor did Lexus offer the alternative of a long wheelbase bodyshell. If you can, check the car's service records and cross-reference mileage with the dealers who carried out the scheduled maintenance. All in, the as-tested price of our CT6 Luxury was $66,310, nearly $24,000 less dear than that Platinum AWD edition we tested earlier. Only one model was initially listed on the price lists, but an optional Premium Pack proved so popular that you may well find cars being referred to as LS430 Premiums. The importers thought it wouldn't be needed, for though the bodywork was exactly the same length as that of the LS400, a 76mm longer wheelbase and a 36mm taller roofline mean a much more spacious interior and a larger boot.
That way, you'll have peace of mind that the immaculate, low-mileage car you're looking at really is just that.

Gone too was the marshmallow ride that pleased the chauffeurs but disappointed the driving enthusiasts who owned the old car. The 265 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque developed by the turbo four is more than enough grunt to get the CT6 moving around town, though, especially in Sport mode, which tweaks throttle and transmission mapping as well as steering effort. Our test car also lacked the optional magnetorheological dampers, but even so, only the most violent impacts made themselves known inside the cabin.
Track down a properly looked after example and there's no reason why it shouldn't glide effortlessly through a quarter of a million miles. Inside that beautifully crafted cabin, there's a welcoming atmosphere, thanks to use of wood and soft leather. Any car imported privately or unofficially from Japan will give you grounds for serious negotiation on price.
This was a luxury saloon that could hold any of its £50,000 rivals in sight around a twisting country road. The CT6 is easy both to wheel around town and to place in corners during back-road drives, even without the optional rear steering, and ita€™s capable of handling feats far beyond the abilities of even the randiest country-club members. Thata€™s probably equal to or more than the output of any V-8 Caddy available in the a€™80s or a€™90s that wasna€™t named Northstar, and wea€™ve been averaging 23 mpg to boot.
As you'd expect for the money these commanded when new, every conceivable item of equipment is fitted as standard, including the world's first refrigerated front seat, designed to cool you down quickly on hot days. Much of the credit for this must go to the changes made in the suspension, a double-wishbone design with higher-mounted upper arms for extra spring travel.
Although the engine never complains, for some reason the turbo four feels less refined in the CT6 than it does in the ATS. More critical for that crowd is the way that highway miles simply evaporate underneath the CT6a€™s chassis, while interior noise levels hold to just 66 decibels at a steady 70-mph cruise. Rainy days are also easier thanks to water-repellent windows, while the trip back from the gym should be more relaxing thanks to front (and rear) seat massagers that gently jiggle your vertebrae as you go. This not only made the LS430 much more of a driver's car, it also improved still further on the already exemplary standards of ride pioneered by the original model.
Thata€™s one decibel quieter than the last Mercedes-Benz S550 sedan we tested with a silken V-8 under the hood. In fact, there are hi-tech touches wherever you look, most notably in the middle of the facia which is dominated by an advanced satellite navigation system called Lexus Satellite Navigator, fitted as standard. Despite stiffer springs, this Lexus is, if anything, even better at coping with poor road surfaces and undulations, thanks to clever valving in the dampers. You simply key in your destination on the touch-screen and easy-to-follow graphics, complemented by spoken prompts will soon have you wondering how you ever coped, juggling a road atlas and looking out for street signs. The combination of that sleek body and the whisper-quiet engine mean that nothing in the class at the time was more refined: at idling speeds, you have to look twice at the instruments to see if the engine is actually running.
Equally impressive is the silky-smooth five-speed automatic gearbox, programmed to be more intuitive than before. Hit the brakes and it changes down automatically: head downhill and it holds on to lower gears for you.

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