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With people increasingly predicting QE and with the ECB reducing interest rates, so the euro depreciated. The danger is that currency wars will result, with monetary policy being used in various countries to achieve competitive depreciations.
The Danish and Canadian central banks have cut their interest rates, hoping to stem an appreciation of their currencies.
How does the size of the financial account of the balance of payments affect the size of a depreciation resulting from QE?
Might depreciation of their currencies reduce countries’ commitment to achieving structural reforms?
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Take the case of countries using a combination of a reduction in central bank interest rates and quantitative easing (QE).

It makes their exports cheaper in foreign currency terms and thus makes their exports more competitive. With any bilateral exchange rate, the depreciation of one currency represents an appreciation of the other.
On 28 January, the Monetary Authority of Singapore sold Singapore dollars to engineer a depreciation. Is it a zero-sum game, where the gains to the countries with depreciating currencies are exactly offset by losses to the those with appreciating ones?
How does this elasticity of demand affect the size of changes in the current account of the balance of payments following a depreciation? Or might it ‘buy them time’ to allow them to introduce such reforms in a more carefully planned way and for such reforms to take effect? Monthly payment is an estimate and subject to finance approval by your bank or service provider.

A fall in interest rates will encourage an outflow of finance; and part of the money created through quantitative easing will be used to purchase foreign assets.
Similarly Japanese exporters were helped by the depreciation of the yen following the announcement on 31 October 2014 by the Bank of Japan of an increase in its own QE programme.
So just as the euro and yen have depreciated against the dollar, the dollar has appreciated against the euro and yen. Or is there a net loss from greater currency volatility, which will create greater uncertainty and dampen cross-border investment?

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