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Paying off debt is always a good idea, but now might be the best time ever to make it happen. Now that the US Federal Reserve has announced that it will be pulling back on it’s “Quantitative Easing” program of buying up government debt and mortgage bonds, rates in the US are likely to begin rising.
While the jury is still out as to whether or not the Federal Reserve will end it’s intervention in the bond markets completely, rates have already increased just on speculation alone. This isn’t to say that interest rates will become unsustainable for borrowers, but only that the potential is real that they will reach less comfortable levels.
Since credit cards typically carry floating interest rates, they will be most affected by changes in the interest rate picture.
Now is the perfect time then where you can either pay off your credit cards as quickly as possible, or convert them to low interest fixed-rate debt. Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) fall into much the same category as credit cards in that they usually carry floating interest rates.
It’s not always so easy to payoff HELOCs quickly, due to their usually larger size, but you can still convert them to fixed-rate debt. They make it more difficult to obtain new debt, which is a common way that borrowers service their existing debt. We don’t know how high interest rates will go, but if they do rise substantially, a downturn in the economy is possible.
Right now, with a robust economy and low interest rates, there are plenty of options to either pay off your debts or refinance them under more favorable terms.
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The interest rate environment is in a state of flux, and could remove many of the advantages that have come with borrowing in the past few years. As they do, this will probably have a domino effect on interest rates around the world, including Canada. This could mean that interest rates can surge as quantitative easing actually does come to an end. Just about any reason is a good one to begin paying off debt – but the prospect of higher interest rates should sound the alarm bell.
The low interest rates of the past few years could move back into the high double-digit range very quickly – and stay there for a long time.
That will give you an opportunity to move your revolving debt into a fixed-rate based on today’s still low rates. And like credit cards, the rates will most likely rise as the general rate picture deteriorates. You can do this either by converting your HELOC into a new fixed-rate second mortgage, or by doing a straight up refinance of both your first mortgage and your HELOC.

Lenders typically react to this by raising credit standards – and that makes it more difficult to borrow at all.
We provide tips & ideas covering personal finance, business & money, investment, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. Desire, inspiration, creativity, passion, determination and faith in your abilities are the ingredients. Every personal loan amount has specific limited time to repayment of money within the period of time at installment bases more ever we can get low tax benefits under personal loan compare to other loans. However personal finance can be granted without more investigation of the individuals into the many corners only granted on the bases of the income level of the individuals in every month and repayment capacity of the customer. Our reviews are opinions and if you dont like what we say - make a better product next time hay!
It effectively means that the price of a €150,000 house in France has fallen from A?129,000 to A?118,000.
Start reading them bedtime story when they are young and possibly they will end up like this cute baby. In that way, both loans will be combined under a single, fixed rate mortgage, with a very low rate.
But if interest rates should rise a few points, there is no telling how easy (or hard) it will be to borrow one or two years from now. But they can also mean that will be more difficult to save money that can be used to pay off your debt.
But when interest rates rise, particularly to a significant degree, it often results in recessions. There is a rich mix of expertise, passion and real life experience here and we welcome all voices to add to this.

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