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Brent Lee stated that he Definitely Would recommend salesperson John Johnson and Griffith Motor Company to friends and family.
Call John Johnson at 417-451-2626 Cell# 417-622-9216 for low prices and excellent service! This August is the perfect time of the year to trade in your old vehicle and get yourself a new Dodge from Griffith Motor Company. Son dropped my rca 7" tablet, it now has 3 cracks but the, Son dropped my rca 7 tablet it now has 3 cracks but the touchscreen will not work except on the bottom where the home and wifi and clock is pl.
I have been with Griffith's for the past seven years and have been a Salesman here in the area for many years.

From the harsh winter weather to the blistering summer heat, your old vehicle will probably be on its last legs once you get back from your summer vacation. Only 20 more miles from their home and their old vehicle breathed its last and died on the side of the road.
In all the years I've been in the automotive business Griffith has been by far the best fit for me. Check out the great deals on the Dodge vehicles we have in the showroom as you'll find the perfect replacement to get your through the rest of the year and will last for many years to come.
They were able to pick out the best new Dodge vehicle that fit into their needs and their budget.

The professional and experienced sales representative was able to get them the best deal so they could save even more money instead of wasting cash trying to fix their old vehicle just to try to squeak out a few more weeks of service before it breaks down again. I am proud to work at Griffith's and would invite everyone come and go with Griffith in Neosho.

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