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Browse and download free excel templates for business, financial, calendar, human resources, sales and marketing, loan applications and many more. To get to know how much principal and interest to pay out every month for the mortgage loan, you need Amortization Schedule Generator.
If you are working as a human resource staff or manager, you might looking for excel spreadsheets that you can use to manage and monitor your employee’s attendance. This excel spreadsheet is suitable for company that record their employee’s attendance based on hour instead of day. To start using this template, you have to set your company’s attendance year period and set your working days per week.
And there is a report worksheets you can use to evaluate and analyze your employee’s attendance and also you can use to calculate the total wages based on their attendance. Creating a shift schedule could be time consuming, especially if you have to manage a large number of employees and you have to be precisely divide them into several groups with proportional working hour. Fortunately, there are many shift schedule samples available in several internet sites where you can copy and implement it to your employees.
The free version will allow you to create the standard schedule where you can choose from 26 pre-designed shift plans. If you think this one is useful and you need additional features as well as other pre-designed plans, you can purchase it. If you’d rather like to manage and monitor your employees using Microsoft Excel, where you can integrate and play around with your other Excel report easily, those spreadsheets above should fit your needs. A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a real estate company that offers common shares to the public. Tutorial: Exploring Real Estate InvestmentsThe REIT StatusTo qualify as an REIT with the IRS, a real estate company must agree to pay out at least 90% of its taxable profit in dividends (and fulfill additional but less important requirements).
While a handful of hybrid REITs run both real estate operations and transact in mortgage loans, most REITs focus on the "hard asset" business of real estate operations.
However, our REIT doesn't actually spend this money in year 10; depreciation is a non-cash charge. We should note that FFO gets closer to cash flow than net income, but it does not capture cash flow.
Our hypothetical balance sheet can help us understand the other common REIT metric, net asset value (NAV). From a top-down perspective, REITs can be affected by anything that impacts the supply of and demand for property.
Capital market conditions are also important, namely the institutional demand for REIT equities. At the individual REIT level, you want to see strong prospects for growth in revenue, such as rental income, related service income and FFO.
As mortgage debt plays a big role in equity value, it is worth looking at the balance sheet. The Bottom LineREITs are real estate companies that must pay out high dividends in order to enjoy the tax benefits of REIT status. This is the case if you want to evaluate your employee’s performances and you think the attendance management software, usually provided together with attendance machine, cannot accommodate your needs.
Usually it is applied in manufacturing or construction companies where they also pay their wages on weekly bases. There are other parameters like absence codes and holiday dates that you can type to mark those days in employee’s timesheets. Also, you must calculate their resting time carefully to make sure that they are healthy enough when their shift time come.
Still, you need some knowledge of Microsoft Excel, the most suitable spreadsheet creator to implement those samples into a real shift schedule.

It is good enough for you to cut your time needed to arrange your employee’s shift schedule. But, if you need more integrated and sophisticated software, you might skip above spreadsheets. In this way, an REIT stock is similar to any other stock that represents ownership in an operating business.
These REITs make loans secured by real estate, but they do not generally own or operate real estate.
Therefore, we add back the depreciation charge to net income in order to produce funds from operations (FFO).
Mainly, notice in the example above that we never counted the $1 million spent to acquire the building (the capital expenditure).
In year 10, the book value of our building was only $500,000 because half of the original cost was depreciated.
In the above example, we see the building generates $100,000 in operating income ($200,000 in revenues minus $100,000 in operating expenses). You want to see if the REIT has a unique strategy for improving occupancy and raising its rents. Stable income that can exceed Treasury yields combines with price volatility to offer a total return potential that rivals small capitalization stocks.
That is why you need the Amortization Schedule Generator to obtain the personal reminder of long-term loan installments. These three spreadsheets, Employee Attendance Calendar, Employee Timesheet Manager and Employee Shift Schedule Planner, are best spreadsheets you can use to manage your employee’s attendance. There are 12 attendance worksheets where you can easily mark their absences by typing related absence code in related dates. And there is a calendar dashboard that will show you the performance of your employee’s attendance. Then you can put your employee’s name in respective worksheets as well as add several detail information related to those employees, for example their hourly wages. But an REIT has two unique features: its primary business is managing groups of income-producing properties and it must distribute most of its profits as dividends. A regular corporation makes a profit and pays taxes on its entire profit, and then decides how to allocate its after-tax profits between dividends and reinvestment; an REIT simply distributes all or almost all of its profits and gets to skip the taxation.
Our income statement deducts $190,000 of expenses from $200,000 in revenues, but $50,000 of the expense is a depreciation charge. The idea is that depreciation unfairly reduces our net income because our building probably didn't lose half its value over the last 10 years. So, book value and related ratios like price-to-book - often dubious in regard to general equities analysis - are pretty much useless for REITs. Top-down starts with an economic perspective and bets on themes or sectors (for example, an aging demographic may favor drug companies).
For example, REIT stocks did quite well in 2001 and the first half of 2002 despite lackluster fundamentals, because money was flowing into the entire asset class. REITs typically seek growth through acquisitions, and further aim to realize economies of scale by assimilating inefficiently run properties.
Analyzing an REIT requires understanding the accounting distortions caused by depreciation and paying careful attention to macroeconomic influences. In order to get prepared completely for this thing, you should know how much funds to release for every installment date. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you can easily calculate it using excel built-in functions.
They can be opened in excel version 2007 and above and can be moved between computers without problems.

And there are marking colors that you can specify in setup worksheet to help you differentiate absence codes as well as holiday dates in the calendar.
Since it is created in Microsoft Excel, you can easily pull the data and evaluate it to follow your company’s policy.
There are plenty of them, but if it come to a shift schedule created in Excel, there is only a few of them.
Of course there are some limitation, but if your need is only to create a decent shift schedule, you should use this one. And you can change the start time of each shift period to follow your company’s policy. They are finance companies that use several hedging instruments to manage their interest rate exposure. Equity REITs tend to specialize in owning certain building types such as apartments, regional malls, office buildings or lodging facilities.
Counting capital expenditures gives a figure known as adjusted FFO, but there is no universal consensus regarding its calculation.
A rise in interest rates usually signifies an improving economy, which is good for REITs as people are spending and businesses are renting more space. Economies of scale would be realized by a reduction in operating expenses as a percentage of revenue.
And there is no macros inside so you won’t get any macros warning while opening these files which usually pop up because of windows or antivirus security system protection.
In this spreadsheet, you can also generate and print a blank timesheet you can use to record your employee’s attendance manually before record it into this file.
If you can’t find the suitable one for your company, you can try to create your own shift schedule also by putting your own patterns in custom table in setup worksheet. Some are diversified and some are specialized, meaning they defy classification - such as, for example, an REIT that owns golf courses.
Each year we will deduct $50,000 in depreciation expense ($50,000 per year x 20 years = $1 million).
Rising interest rates tend to be good for apartment REITs as people prefer to remain renters rather than purchase new homes.
In the current low interest rate environment, an REIT that uses only floating-rate debt will be hurt if interest rates rise. On the other hand, REITs can often take advantage of lower interest rates by reducing their interest expenses and thereby increasing their profitability. You are just informed about the amount of loan, interest rate, length of repayment and sum of money to pay monthly.
If you seek income, you would consider them along with high-yield bond funds and dividend paying stocks.
The Amortization Schedule Calculator, in this case, plays essential role to show the exact portions of principal and interest. The final step is to divide NAV into common shares to get NAV per share, which is an estimate of intrinsic value.
You can save the file in Excel for Mac OS and open it in Excel for Windows OS and vice versa.

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