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Compare income protection insurance to cover your loans with our partner ActiveQuote[1] and get quotes from leading UK insurers using advanced comparison software. Loan insurance is a form of short-term income protection that can cover your debt repayments if you're unable to work due to accident and sickness, unemployment, or accident, sickness and unemployment (ASU). Some income protection policies can offer much longer-term cover than that - our comparison software helps you look at these options alongside shorter-term options and to filter the available products according to your own needs and desires. You choose how much you receive as a monthly benefit, bearing in mind that you can typically protect up to 70% of your gross annual income (payouts will normally be tax free). Some insurers also offer the option of protecting the value of any employment benefits such as a company car or private health insurance. Consider how much of that you want to insure as the amount of cover you choose will be reflected in your monthly premiums. Our comparison software will ask you to enter your personal details, gross annual salary and desired level of cover.
You'll also be asked details about your current employment situation such as your occupation, how many hours you work, whether you're a temporary or permanent employee, and how long you've been in continuous employment. On the results page you can compare each policy in an easy-to-use table that displays details of the monthly benefit, policy and benefit term and waiting period, plus background information on each product provider. Subject to your circumstances, you'll either have the opportunity to purchase online or be given a number to speak to the insurance provider about your chosen product.
For further information you can talk to one of ActiveQuote's team of product specialists for fee-free, impartial advice that can help you find the right policy suited to your budget and needs. If you'd rather do your own research, you could try our income protection guides, including frequently asked questions. These can help you with the basics, such as whether you need loan protection insurance, how much premiums cost, how long you can claim loan insurance for, and how much a policy will pay out a month.
There's plenty to read about product areas such as debt repayments, wait periods and policy lengths, and you can find out more about typical exclusions, plus other things you should look out for before making your decision.
Mercedes-Benz Loan Protection Insurance provides you with peace of mind knowing your loan repayments are covered in the event of accident or illness, involuntary employment or death. For more information on Mercedes-Benz Insurance call 1300 730 200 or contact your nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer. It is a protection plan which covers any outstanding debt to a financial institution in the event of Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). These plans are subject to the supervision and administration of Tokio Marine Insurance (Thailand) PCL by plan coverage and benefits thereof, all of which are subject to the requirements of the company.
Where money is borrowed to purchase the property, there will also be extensive ongoing obligations in the form of loan repayments. People who have loan commitments need to consider the consequences of serious illness or death. Where the loan repayments cannot be made it is not unrealistic to expect that the family home or the investment property may have to be sold. Serious illness or death has the potential to lead to financial ruin for the individuals and their families where significant loan commitments exist. Whilst little can be done to avoid the trauma that will inevitably occur, proper planning can minimise the financial consequences and help safeguard major assets. People will always cope better with the emotional trauma when they are able to avoid any added financial concerns. Insurance can protect individuals and their families from being forced into selling their home or investment property in the event of a serious illness or death.
Life insurance protection is a particularly cost effective way of providing this financial security and is a responsible action for people with loan commitments. Making you aware of loan protection is my moral responsibility so you can make an informed decision. How would you meet your loan repayments if you suffered a serious injury, illness or even death? To protect that future, it’s important to make sure you are covered for whatever life throws at you.
Established in 2003, ALI Group is a specialist risk insurance business committed to ensuring people just like you are provided with convenient and timely access to affordable loan protection. ALI Group delivers quality products that are easy to understand, obtain and claim upon, by means of a simple offer process that allows you to make an informed decision on your need for protection. ALI Group’s Customer Service Centre is there to help answer any questions or requests regarding your policy.

This information has been prepared by Australian Life Insurance Distribution Pty Limited (ABN 31 1031 57811) which holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 226 403). ALI receives commission and your loan consultant may receive commission for each policy sold. Sadly, we have had clients lose their homes against their will because they or their family could no longer keep making the repayments. How would you meet your loan repayments if you lost your job or suffered a serious injury, illness or even death? I am happy to offer you a loan and mortgage protection policy with Ali Group which is flexible and affordable.
Pauline Sultana is a Credit Representative (Credit Representative Number: 399437) of BLSSA Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No. Pride Mortgage Services specialises in: Refinancing, Debt Consolidation, Home loans, First Home Buyers, Investing, home loan, credit loans, bank loans, cash loans, mortgage loan, loans interest, First Home Grant, first home owners, first home owners grant, home buyers grant, home buyers, first home buyers grant, finance, lenders, mortgage, mortgages, loans, loan, refinance and more.
Simply click on Life Insurance to buy online or call their team of qualified life insurance experts for free advice on 0808 281 9393. It can provide you with a proven means to help you keep paying your bills and maintain your lifestyle and any financial commitments by providing you with a set monthly benefit in the event that you are unable to work due to Accident, Sickness or Involuntary Unemployment. The monthly benefit payments from the policy are paid directly to you and are capped as a percentage of your salary with an upper limit.
Homeowners Income Protection is designed to help pay your financial commitments in the event of Accident, Sickness and Involuntary Unemployment. It can provide you with a proven means to help you keep paying your mortgage and other associated household bills on the property that is your main residence by providing you with a set monthly benefit in the event that you are unable to work due to Accident, Sickness (Disability) or Involuntary Unemployment. Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) is sometimes referred to as (ASU) Accident, Sickness (Disability) and Involuntary Unemployment and is designed to help pay your mortgage in the event of Accident, Sickness (Disability) and Involuntary Unemployment. We believe our Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance policy offers UK homeowners complete peace of mind protection at the best possible price.
It can provide you with a proven means to help you keep paying your monthly repayments on any personal loans you have by providing you with a set monthly benefit in the event that you are unable to work due to Accident, Sickness (Disability) or Involuntary Unemployment.
Loan & Payment Protection Insurance is sometimes referred to as (PPI) or (ASU) Accident, Sickness (Disability) and Involuntary Unemployment and is designed to help pay your mortgage in the event of Accident, Sickness (Disability) and Involuntary Unemployment.
PPI has had a bad press over the past few years because many banks and lenders generally mis-sold what was know a s a single premium policy which had to be paid for up front (often for several years at a time) to people who didn’t want the cover or know that they had been charged for it! Credit Card & Payment Protection Insurance (CCPPI) is also referred to as Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), and like PPI, it has been in the news headlines over the past few years, as the extortionate premiums charged by some credit card companies and store cards has been exposed as a complete rip off. It's FREE & EASY to switch an existing policy to Paymentcare with NO PENALTIES.Guaranteed Peace of Mind & no break in your cover.
Yes it's easy to transfer cover, provided you are eligible for the policy and can meet a few simple conditions. Any pre-existing medical conditions that are excluded under your existing policy will also be excluded under your new policy.
Do NOT cancel your existing policy until you have received your new policy documents confirming cover with ourselves. Please note Paymentcare are in no way associated with any lender or loan provider including an entity operating under the name of Loan Line or Loans Limited or Loans Partners. Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, Loan Payment Protection Insurance, Payment Protection Insurance UK.
If you are a frugal entrepreneur, getting loan protection insurance for your business may seem like an avoidable, added expense. You should know that before a bank, credit union or other institution agrees to lend you money to finance your business start up or expansion, its credit officers carefully size up your income statements, savings cushion, past credit history, and a whole host of other factors to determine your statistical risk of defaulting on the loan. Whenever you borrow money there is always some level of risk that you will not be able to repay the obligation.
The term loan protection insurance describes a broad category of supplemental, short-term insurance products designed to cover the payments on certain loans in the event of serious injury, job loss or even death. Most lenders offer to build loan protection policies into major credit facilities, like mortgages, car notes and business loans. If you’re worried about your future health or job security, loan protection insurance should be part of your financial risk-management strategy. I can see why getting loan insurance would help your business cope up with the payments if ever they had to be delayed. 4 Surprising Ways Small Businesses Can Save MoneyOne of the most difficult aspects of running a business is money management.

Note that if you're receiving income protection payouts you may not be eligible for certain government benefits. Therefore, the insured should study the details of the insurance policy and the insurance plan that has been thoroughly. There will also be financial consequences as a loss of income or incurring additional costs will impact on the ability to repay the loan. Their in-house claims team will assist you through all stages of the claims process should you need to make a claim and will ensure any valid claims are paid to you by the insurer. Your loan consultant is acting as an authorised representative of the licensee in offering to arrange for you to obtain cover.
Please refer to the FSG available from your loan consultant for more information about our remuneration. If you passed away or were struck down with illness or by a severe accident how would your family meet the loan repayments? You have worked so hard for your deposit, making your repayments, making your home your own… the last thing you want is to be forced to sell. Even if we don’t stock the insurance product that meets your needs, we have alliances with insurance providers we know to be reliable, reasonably priced and comprehensive, so we can point you in the right direction. This can be a way of helping you avoid getting into debt should the unthinkable happen to you.
This can be a way of helping you avoid getting into debt and falling behind with your monthly repayments should the unthinkable happen to you. With the worst offenders only paying 3% of a customer´s outstanding balance in the event of having to claim due to Accident, Sickness (Disability) or Involuntary Unemployment.
True protection when you need it most – unlike every other credit card payment protection insurance you do not pay for the insurance during a claim period. You can increase the amount, but the initial exclusion period will apply to the increased amount you request.
But if you get the right plan, then the real piece of mind it offers may be well worth the money. This may sound pretty dry, but the banks have been in this business for many years, and these calculations for determining how much of an investment risk you are, are getting more and more sophisticated.
That level of risk increases in cases where there are known risk factors, such as operating a business in an area that is known for extreme weather conditions, or performing a service that has a high risk for physical injury, or having a family history of debilitating illness, or even operating in an industry with a high business failure rate. Although they can be taken out at any time and remain in force indefinitely, loan protection policies typically pay out for single periods of 12 to 24 months.
Since their premiums are fairly high, these policies are a great way for lenders to pad their bottom lines during lean times.
Instead of bundling your policy into your loan, shop around at independent insurance companies advertising these products. Taking the time to research and understand the products and services you are signing up for can end up saving so much time and money later on. What would happen to your finances in the unexpected event you lost your job, or became too ill to work? Any advice provided is of a general nature only and does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs. During the application process we discuss what measures you have in place in case you cannot meet the repayments through death or illness and most of our clients have not considered it because they genuinely believe it will not happen to them. Nevertheless, even the most thorough and sophisticated of risk calculations cannot always predict if you will default on your loan and ruin your credit due to some extraordinary catastrophe, such as an unexpected natural disaster or healthcare emergency. Depending on a policy’s terms and considtions, loan protection insurance offers payouts on a monthly basis, either in a lump sum to the policyholder or as direct payments to individual creditors.
Since their true cost can’t be buried in the fine print of an existing loan, loan protection policies purchased through reputable third-party insurers are more affordable and more likely to pay out than in-house varieties. Just make sure you determine the kind of protection you need and that the policy you consider fills those criteria.

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