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If you're one of the 37 million Americans with student loan debt, you're in for a real treat come July 1.
Although mortgage debt is still the largest category of debt in the United States, the amount of debt held by students recently surpassed both credit card and auto loan debt.
We took a look at politicians' proposals for remedying this gloomy state of affairs, both the long-term solutions and the short-term band-aids.
Obama's plan: Under the plan Obama laid out in his budget, the interest rate at which student loans are issued would vary depending on the economy. One drawback of this plan is that there is no limit on how high initial interest rates can be set year to year. Obama's plan is also the only one out there that would aid low-income borrowers once they graduate by letting them cap their monthly loan payments to 10 percent of their income.

But the main piece of legislation governing higher education in the United States will expire next year, so there's good reason to think that lawmakers may opt for a short-term fix this year and wait until next year to come up with a permanent solution. Rates would be pegged to the rate at which the government borrows money over the long term (currently at around 2 percent). But once the student has borrowed the money, the interest rate would be fixed for the life of the loan. That means you could take out a loan at a super-low rate, and end up paying a 8.5 percent a few years down the line.
It would cut need-based undergrad loan interest rates to the same low 0.75 percent interest rate that banks pay to the Federal Reserve for short-term loans.
Akers says she thinks the final plan will be something of a compromise between Obama's plan and the House Republican proposal.

Since 2004, student loan debt in this country has tripled, and now stands close to $1 trillion. In that sense, it's sort of a compromise between Obama's proposal and House Republicans' bill. The New America Foundation, a nonpartisan public policy shop, says the proposal would result in a significant drop in interest rates for students.

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