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THE END OF CHEAP MONEYThe main risk with a two-year fixed-rate loan is that borrowers will need to remortgage just as the divorce from the European Union is completed. Patrick Bunton, Director, London & Country MortgagesPrime Minister David Cameron warned that the cost of an average mortgage in the UK could rise by nearly A?1,000 a year if Britain left the European Union. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Many people are under the false impression that you have to be an environmentalist to have interest in installing solar.
The California Solar Initiative (CSI) program will provide more than $3 billion in incentives for solar-energy projects in California.
The difference between step 4 and 5 for an average size, 4 kW, solar electric system, is approximately $1,000 in your pocket.  The longer you wait, the more rebate money you lose! 5.    Your property value is expected to increase $20 for every $1 you save in annual electricity bills. You’ve done a wonderful job with your charts and explanations on your posts to make solar power easy to understand. Do these solar systems use batteries to store the energy for night time use, if not, do you use the utilities power at night, if you do need batteries, how long do they last?
Although the HSBC deal offers a bargain rate, it carries a high arrangement fee of A?1,499.

Paying the upfront cost to install a solar electric system is something only a “green” person would do. However, the amount of the incentive is scheduled to decrease in 10 steps over the duration of the program.  Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) are already in step 5 for residential projects, while Southern California Edison (SCE) recently dropped into step 4. Installing a solar electric system hedges against these increases by reducing the amount of electricity you consume from the utility company. You have two options – Option 1: pay $2,400 every year for the rest of your life at an increasing rate of 3% (rent electricity).
Thanks to our governments investing in renewable energy technologies, solar is now a financially intelligent decision.  Hopefully, as we take advantage of these rebates and tax incentives, the solar industry will further reduce costs and ultimately bring the cost of solar in parity with traditional sources of energy. This means that those borrowing low amounts a€“ typically A?100,000 or less a€“ are better off choosing a loan with a slightly higher interest rate but lower fees.
Ita€™s a gamble but I dona€™t believe cheap five-year fixes are going to last.a€™BUY WHILE STOCKS LASTA Lenders are happy to offer low rates at the moment to pull in the business, says Springall, and she sees competition increasing in the short term, a€?but there will come a point when banks and building societies cana€™t afford to lend cheaply and will have to raise rates. An exit will take years and both institutional investors and capital markets that help fund the mortgage market are unanimous in their dislike of prolonged uncertainty.It is impossible to anticipate the unintended consequences from this historic vote. I would need to re-priceA  this deal again if you were to go ahead as the sterling curve is moving quite sharply. With rates these low, the amount you’ll pay over the lifetime of the loan will be significantly less than the amount you’ll pay for electricity over the same period.

Option 2: pay $34,000 right now and $30 every year at an annual 3% increase (own electricity with solar). If you choose option 2, you will pay $1,094 to the utility company over 25 years plus the initial $34,000 to the solar installation company, which totals $35,094. Most inverters will need to be replaced in 10-15 years, and the average cost is around $4,500 for a 4-5 kW solar array. After the upfront cost, solar electricity is essentially free for at least the next 25 years.
Even with a 30-year loan at 7% interest, you will have paid $18,034 less than if you hadn’t installed a solar electric system.  Starting to sound like a good financial decision yet? But the best deals will still be for those with big deposits or substantial equity in their home.a€™He warns that the best deals already demand the highest fees of up to A?2,000 and that will continue.

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