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Although a chattel mortgage has the word ‘mortgage’ in the title, it is not actually associated with real estate property or land ownership. Chattel mortgage repayments Like any regular loan agreement you agree on a repayment timetable and this will normally include pre-calculated fixed interest rate that will stick for between one year and in some cases up to seven years depending on the asset purchased and the lender.
The features and potential benefits of a chattel mortgage There are a number of features and benefits with a chattel mortgage as your business loan.
As the business is the owner the vehicle or asset depreciation claim is available to you as owner in terms of the ratio of business usage – again this should be discussed fully with your accountant. The first provides roll-up & enhanced lifetime mortgage figures, whilst the second is based on an interest only lifetime mortgage, where monthly payments are made.
In fact, these types of loans are related to the purchase of business vehicles or any other business asset. Similar to a home loan, the lender provides a loan on your new vehicle and they hold a mortgage over it, meaning their investment is secure if you default on your repayments. Complete your details & calculate your maximum release of equitya€¦ Schemes Equity Release Schemes ExplainedThe equity release marketplace has developed since the 1960a€?s when the first equity release schemes were introduced by Hodge Lifetime.
Since that date, many schemes have come and gone to leave us with the most popular era for equity release schemes in its history.Bringing all the schemes to the fore include two main equity release scheme formats which are the lifetime mortgage and the home reversion plan.

Of these, the lifetime mortgage has evolved into the leading format for equity release schemes today. Therefore, a lifetime mortgage works simply by taking a cash lump sum to spend on whatever you wish. The lender places a 1st legal charge on the property, which is then registered at the land registry.As soon as the release of equity is made the provider then starts charging interest either on a monthly or annual basis.
The term of the lifetime mortgage is indefinite, as the loan will just run for the rest of the mortgagors life. At this point, whether its death of the last survivor or them having to enter long-term residential care, the property will then be sold.
At this point, and once upon receipt of the sale proceeds, some or all of the proceeds will pay off the mortgage and any remaining balance passes to the nominate beneficiaries.A major benefit of lifetime mortgages is that the equity release interest rate is fixed for life, thus providing the mortgagor with the safe knowledge of knowing what the future balances will be year-on-year. The Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage SchemeThe most popular form of equity release scheme on the market today.
The concept of drawdown lifetime mortgages is to create flexibilityA  and to save on interest costs over the longer term. These savings come in the form of a cash reserve facility which is created from inception of the… Read more about drawdown lifetime mortgages2. For many babyboomers, the interest only lifetime mortgage provides a practical solution to those possessing interest only mortgages with lenders demanding immediate repayment.

Many of this age group have experience of managing debt through their lives & feel quite capable of continuing to do so into retirement.
The Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage SchemeThe latest innovation in the equity release industry and uses similar underwriting criteria that is applicable to enhanced annuity plans. The concept of impairment is not new to the equity release industry, but it has been many years now since an equity release plan has taken health into account.
The home reversion concept has changed little since, with some minor variations on a theme from the few remaining home reversion specialists.In principle, a home reversion scheme offers security of knowing exactly where you stand, once the release of equity has been completed, in so much that you will have sold a percentage of your property to the home reversion company in exchange for a tax-free lump sum or a regular income. The amount of property sold will be determined by the size of the lump sum required.You are able to sell all or part of the value of your property in exchange for a cash lump sum and retaining the right to remain living in your property for the rest of your life. At the point whereby the last person has died or moved into long-term care, the property will then be sold. We act as introducer to trusted partners who can provide professional equity release advice in accordance with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority & ERC (Equity Release Council) guidelines.

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